Ram – The Throne Within (Metal Blade Records)

Swedish old-school metallers Ram have not only been carrying the torch of trad metal for two decades, but can be safely pointed as one of the several young bands that initiated the so-called New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal at the start of the new millennium, with their 2003 EP Sudden Impact. The Throne Within..


Remember Winter Songs – the holiday-themed solo album by legendary Rob Halford, which came out in 2009? We may forgive you if you don’t, but now it has a spiritual follow-up with Celestial. This new, 12-song collection, credited to Rob Halford with Family & Friends, will come out in October 18th via Legacy Recordings. Most..

ISSUN – Dark Green Glow (Spinnup)

Compared to its size, Germany seems to have under achieved in terms of its contribution to rock music, with only the Scorpions becoming truly global stars. That heavy rock tradition has continued with bands such as Accept and Helloween but looking in the progressive space then the ground starts to look a little thin. RPWL..


Tool : Fear Inoculum – Is stasis the new Prog? 13 Years. There’s no real point starting with anything else. 13 Years. If you were a Tool-loving crocodile who’d had a mosh-happy childhood to 10,000 Days, you’d have gone to your grave without hearing anything new from Messrs. Carey, Jones, Keenan and Chancellor. (although as..


Quarter of a century after their inception, black metallers Ragnarok announce the release of their new album "Non Debellicata", which will come out on November 15th through Agonia Records. The band gives us an insight into what went into the making of the album in which the entire line-up of founder and frontman Jontho, guitarist..


Hot damn! Prog rock is alive and well in the southern United States! Although the area is best known for Southern Rock (Molly Hatchet, Lynyrd Skynyrd), Blues legends (Robert Johnson and the infamous “crossroads” spring to mind), and Dixieland jazz (sweet New Orleans!). But Fiction Syxx is changing that. Founding member Mark Lanoue (lead vocals,..

Skunk Anansie – Nottingham Rock City

3 September 2019 There is something to be said about a sold out Rock City show. Tonight, the crowd is as diverse as a fun fair and there is a hint of excitement in the air - it appears that celebrating 25 years of Skunk Anansie is definitely worth dusting off the dancing shoes for...