Fragile – Golden Fragments

This album is clearly better than anything the real Yes have produced in this millennium. What is your emotional reaction to the phrase ‘they are a tribute band’?  Most would probably admit to an instinctive negative feeling. After all, where is the creativity in being a tribute band? Despite this stigma, the number and quality..

DEREK SHERINIAN launches ‘Empyrean Sky’, first track from new album ‘The Phoenix’

World acclaimed keyboardist Derek Sherinian, (Sons of Apollo, Black Country Communion), one of the most significant keyboard players of the modern era, recently announced the release of his new solo album The Phoenix on the 18th September 2020, his first since 2011’s Oceana. Derek comments: "I truly feel that this is my best solo record to date. Simon and..

ENUFF Z’NUFF – Generation Brainwashed (Frontiers Music)

Generation Brainwashed is the fifteenth album by American rock legends Enuff Z’nuff in an often glittering career that began in Illinois way back in 1984. As seems to be the ever increasing pattern these days, the only remaining original member is singer and bassist Chip Z’nuff (Gregory Rybarski) with lead guitarist Tory Stoffregen being the..

TOKYO MOTOR FIST – Lions (Frontiers Music)

Tokyo Motor Fist originally began life as a Frontiers Music project put together as a vehicle for the huge vocal talents of Ted Poley of Danger Danger fame and the mercurial licks of guitarist and producer Steve Brown of Trixter, and their eponymous debut in 2017 was a most impressive melodic rock masterpiece. They brought..