Erja Lyytinen – Lockdown Live 2020 (Tuohi Records)

It’s no secret that the music industry has taken a severe beating from the COVID-19 lockdown, and the recent restrictions-off-restrictions-on pantomime just seems to be rubbing salt into the wounds. Musicians have found various ways of surviving through their personal crises. Some have taken advantage of the break in their gigging schedules to record new..

Stardust – Highway To Heartbreak (Frontiers Music)

Stardust is a band sure to cause a few surprises with this near perfect melodic rock debut album that is overflowing with tremendously written and perfectly delivered rock tracks that are simply divine. They have a sound that is very transatlantic and come across as a very heady mixture of an early Foreigner, FM, Kingdom..

Vanishing Point – Dead Elysium (AFM Records)

Vanishing Point is an Australian progressive metal band that dates back to the early '90s and has previously released five excellent albums yet, sadly, there has been nothing but quiet since the great Distant Is The Sun which came out in 2014. Six long years have since passed but the good news is that Brisbane's..

Thundermother – Heat Wave (AFM Records)

In the main, hard and heavy rock has been almost exclusively the domain of the alpha male; this type of testosterone rock has always been loud, brash and, well, heavy and more often than not with larger than life singers and guitarists with nihilistic tendencies. It is also fair to say that there has been..

Vambo release new single Fast Car from re-released debut album

Vambo release their single ‘Fast Car’ today (Friday 2 October). The single is taken from their swaggering and powerful self-titled debut, that will get the deluxe treatment when it is re-released on Friday 6 November as “Vambo Deluxe” featuring five bonus tracks. The album is released by Goliath Records, via Universal Music. The five bonus tracks include “Paradise”, “Mistaken Identity,”..