Jump – Breaking Point (F2 Music / Festival Music)

The only escape route is in the open, across minefields and barbed wire... How to define Jump’s music? Folk rock? Singer-songwriter? Nouveau folk? It certainly combines aspects of rock, folk and prog, but its major, defining feature isn’t on the description card of any particular genre – it is the narrative, storytelling aspect that is..

Sculptor – Untold Secrets (Frontiers Music)

Death metal is not a genre that is normally associated with the Frontiers label but it looks like they are in the process of expanding the amount of metal on their roster and the extremes of death metal is a vast market for them to take an interest in. Sculptor is a relatively new melodic..

Awaken – Out Of The Shadows (Pure Steel Records)

Awaken is a New York based progressive metal band that was formed in 2009 by the vocalist Glenn DaGrossa (ex-Lazarus) with the self-titled debut coming out in 2012. One of the very many excellent benefits of the internet is that the world is now much smaller which makes it easier for unknown bands to make..

HAWKWIND – Hawkwind 50: Live (Cherry Red)

Live photos by CHRIS WALKDEN from Manchester show To the delight of many an old stoner of a certain vintage, Hawkwind have been experiencing something of a latter-day Renaissance period over the past decade or so, with a string of new studio recordings and some excitingly themed stage shows, including the full conceptual evening of..

Persuader – Necromancy (Frontiers Music)

Persuader is a power metal outfit that formed in 1997 in Sweden with Necromancy now being the band's fifth album following on some six years since the last release The Fiction Maze. Only the singer remains as an original member with the band now comprising vocalist Jens Carlsson, Emil Norberg on lead guitar and bass..

DeathOrchestra releases live video of Death cover “Pull The Plug”

Saint Petersburg (RU) - DeathOrchestra - a collaboration by Russian Death Metal band Buicide and the Olympic Symphony Orchestra performing covers of songs by Death - has released a live video for the track Pull The Plug. The song is taken from forthcoming live album Symphony of Death. After many long hours and painstaking work, DeathOrchestra are proud to present the upcoming album Symphony of Death. The album,..