Joel Hoekstra’s 13 – Running Games (Frontiers Music)

Most of you will already know of the great American rock guitarist that is Joel Hoekstra be it as a solo artist or with Night Ranger, Whitesnake, Trans-Siberian Orchestra or even the Broadway show, Rock Of Ages. He released three mainly instrumental solo albums between 2000 and 2007 but he upped the stakes considerably in..

POWERWOLF – Vinyl Re-Release of Gold Status Album ‘Blessed & Possessed’ out April 9, 2021 via Napalm

With their latest internationally successful outputs, the high priests of heavy metal, POWERWOLF, have truly proven that metal is alive and they are at the top of the scene: While heavy metal's finest are constantly working on Call Of The Wild, the successor to their globally acclaimed full-length, The Sacrament Of Sin, they are also offering a new,..

Immortal Guardian – Psychosomatic (M-Theory Audio)

Immortal Guardian is a progressive/power metal band ostensibly from Austin in Texas which originally formed in 2008 and released a couple of demos and EPs before putting out the reasonably well received debut, Age Of Revolution, in 2018. Immortal Guardian has now released their second album but have lost a couple of members along the..

…Now we sob: Return To Forever, Chick

Technically, the first time I ever heard Chick Corea on record was as a teenager when I bought Miles Davis' Bitches Brew, pretentiously thinking I was so much more sophisticated than my rock loving peers. But I didn't actually know which musicians I was listening to, apart from Miles himself, and I couldn't make sense..

Haunt – Beautiful Distraction (Church Recordings)

Everybody’s favorite workaholic Trevor Church returns with yet another full-length release from Haunt, just a few months after Flashback, which came out last June. Titled Beautiful Distraction, the fourth proper album from Haunt, once again puts on display the band’s greatest strengths. This is an encapsulation of Trevor’s DIY ethos and his passion for true,..

Molly Karloff release “She Said” single in aid of mental health charity during lockdown

Molly Karloff, the hard-hitting Oxfordshire-based power trio are set to release their new single 'She Said' (Romesh Remix) on Friday February 19th.  All proceeds from the single will be donated to the UK mental health charity Oxfordshire Mind. The single is now available to pre-save from Molly Karloff (from left to right) are: Dan Podbery (bass), Simon Gee (vocals, guitar),  and Jowie Adkins (drums). "Lockdowns..

Faithful Breath – Skol (High Roller Records)

A quick journey in our time machine takes us back to Bochum in 1967 to see the formation of Faithful Breath, a band that began life as a progressive/psychedelic rock band a little similar to Eloy with the debut, Fading Beauty, eventually being released in 1974 and picking up plenty of plaudits along the way...

INFINITE & DIVINE : ‘Silver Lining’ – debut album by new Swedish duo – out 9 April, 2021 via Frontiers

Infinite & Divine is a new Swedish duo consisting of musician and songwriter Jan Åkesson and vocalist Tezzi (aka Terese Persson). The two had met and combined forces in 2019, recognising that the combination of Jan's energetic heavy riffs and musical versatility twinned with Tezzi's raw yet melodic vocal style created something quite unique and appealing..