DIM GRAY : ‘Flown – 2xLP and CD formats of debut album by highly touted Norwegian trio out now

Oslo-based art rock trio Dim Gray play melody-driven songs in a post-progressive vein, incorporating elements from folk music into a forward-thinking aesthetic that results in a hauntingly evocative sound. A wide and sophisticated palette of sounds and ideas is rooted in yearning vocals and subtly reverb-ed guitars. The group's debut album, Flown, was released digitally..

Season Of Dreams – Heroes (Pride & Joy Music)

Season Of Dreams is a relatively new band that was formed by the French multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Jean-Michel Volz with the Swedish vocalist Johannes Nyberg and they released the debut album, My Shelter in 2020 so have followed it up very rapidly with the second release. Volz is the guitarist with the French heavy rock..

Helloween – Helloween (Nuclear Blast)

This is it; this is the big one. Album releases do not come much more anticipated than this. Typically, a Helloween album would create some excitement, after all the band that are considered to have begun what became known as Euro power metal has a seriously dedicated fan base. However, overdrive will have commenced in..

Antioch – V (Iron Shield Records)

Antioch is a Canadian heavy metal band from Ontario which was formed in 2013 and has released a couple of EPs and three full albums. The band has kept with the Roman numeral system for numbering their work with the bands first output being an EP in 2014 simply called Antioch which means that the..

CASKETS – unveil latest single ‘The Only Ones’

Heavy Music Award nominees Caskets are proud to reveal The Only Ones, the third single from their upcoming debut album Lost Souls. In regards to the new single, vocalist Matt Flood comments "The Only Ones is a song about losing someone you loved, and coming to terms with the fact that it is actually down to your own actions as to why the..

Firewing- Resurrection (Massacre Records)

Firewing is a new power/symphonic metal band from the United States with Resurrection being their very grand and certainly most impressive first album. For a debut, this a most assured release from a group of musicians who know exactly what they want and have to skills to back it all up. Very much a pleasing..

Angelwings – Primordium (Pride & Joy Music)

Angelwings initially formed in 2013 as a Nightwish covers band but shortly afterwards began writing their own material whilst still retaining that operatic/symphonic/Gothic flavour favoured by Nightwish and the many bands that have since followed their template. What does make Angelwings stand out is that they are from Gibraltar and, according to the publicity, are..

HELLOWEEN – new album “Helloween” enters the official German album charts at #1!

It's the album that every metal fan has been waiting a long time for. Helloween bundles everything that defines Helloween", writes DEAF FOREVER editor Lothar Hausfeld. "An epic adventure for the ages", judges Peter Albers from BREAKOUT magazine and Rüdiger Stehle of POWERMETAL.DE states: "The new album from HELLOWEEN is a constructive lesson in exceeding incredibly high expectations. It..

LEPROUS – Launch first single/video “Running Low” off upcoming “Aphelion” album; Album details announced & pre-order available

Photo: Toll Toftenes Norwegian Rock outfit LEPROUS is pleased to debut the first single Running Low off their upcoming studio album Aphelion, out August 27th, 2021 worldwide via InsideOutMusic. Check out the album's opening track Running Low in a video clip directed by Troll Toftenes below! LEPROUS vocalist/keyboardist Einar Solberg commented about Running Low as..