Devoid – Lonely Eye Movement (Frontiers Music)

Apparently, there are two French bands called Devoid with one being a thrash metal outfit formed in 2005 and the other being a progressive metal band formed around 2017 by the guitarist Shad Mae. What we have here is the prog metal band with Lonely Eye Movement being the band's second album following on from..

THE THREE TREMORS release their new album ‘Guardians Of The Void’, out now on Steel Cartel Records

THE THREE TREMORS, featuring Tim “Ripper” Owens , Harry “The Tyrant”  Conklin, and Sean “The Hell Destroyer”, have announced their new album Guardians Of The Void and a corresponding US Tour for Nov 2021. Coming off the successful release of their self-titled debut album, several North American and European tours, release of the solo versions of the first..

HYPOCRISY release music video for third single ‘Children Of The Gray’

In less than a month's time, the newest addition to the Hypocrisy catalogue, Worship, will be released via  Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band releases an animated music video for their third single Children Of The Gray. Peter Tägtgren comments, "Costin Chioreanu did an amazing job with his drawings. He illustrated my words perfectly. If we don't take care of this planet, we..

Leverage – Above The Beyond (Frontiers Music)

Leverage is a Finnish rock band from Helsinki which was formed in 2005 and we now come to album number five with Above The Beyond which sees the band continuing with the melodic metal approach they began later in their career and it is a natural follow on and progression from 2019's Determinus. The band..

THE KORGIS – Kartoon World (Korgi Music)

'The world is heading for a colossal fall and it’s the power of love .. not technology .. which is the one indisputable answer.' This is the manifesto of The Korgis and it’s the theme which permeates the whole of Kartoon World, the band’s first new album release since 1992’s  The World Is For Everyone...

Davy Knowles – the interview

Chinese food goes everywhere and gets stepped on and everyone’s crying… The Isle of Man is a miniature country that carves its own way in the world. Parked out in the Irish Sea between Scotland and Northern Ireland, part of the British Isles but no member of the United Kingdom, it has its own government..