Steve Vai – Inviolate (Favored Nations / Mascot)

If you are a fan of virtuoso musicianship, you will find this one hard to match… There aren’t enough superlatives in the English language to describe Steve Vai’s technical mastery of the guitar. As it happens, this is the album that shouldn’t have been – early in the pandemic, Vai was already deep into a..

Rachel Mother Goose – Synra Bansho (Pride & Joy Music)

The rather curiously titled Rachel Mother Goose is a Japanese neoclassical band with large elements of power and symphonic rock incorporated into their glorious and all action style. A new name to me, the band was formed in 1999 by the band's guitarist Hideshi Ueki with Synra Bansho now being the bands sixth album to..

Brood Of Hatred release new album Golden Age (Gruesome Records)

Brood of Hatred is a Tunisian Death Metal act founded in 2010 by Muhammed Mêlki, with no specific boundaries on genre or philosophies, presenting haunting atmospheres that guide the listeners through a progressive journey of unconventional writing inspired by the strange state of mind that characterizes this one-man concept. Muhammed Mêlki The third album titled..

HEART ATTACK – New single “Septic Melody” out now!

Heart Attack is an unpredictable groovy blend of modern thrash metal and their first new song, Septic Melody, marks Heart Attack's debut on their new label home Atomic Fire Records. The song tilts from unleashed thrash fury into soaring melodies and back again in no time. No wonder the French armada chose it as their first single. "We wrote..

Heart Line – Back In The Game (Pride & Joy Music)

This came as something of a surprise as melodic rock is not a genre I normally expect from French bands with Heart Line being a new and exciting team put together in 2020 with Back In The Game being a very suave and sophisticated debut release indeed. The band was formed by the French guitarist..

Kaasin – Fired Up (Pride & Joy Music)

Kaasin is a new band put together by the Norwegian guitarist Jo Henning Kaasin and some of you may know him for his work with Come Taste The band, a vehicle he shared with some pretty top notch musicians in Joe Lynn Turner, Glen Hughes, Doogie White and Bernie Marsden. The clue is in the..