Obituary – Dying Of Everything (Relapse Records)

Ah, those riffs and those vocals – unmistakable! The kings of groove Obituary are back once again with a hammer of a new album! The appropriately titled Dying Of Everything, their 11th full-length release, comes out January 13th via Relapse Records and is everything an old school death metal fan could dream of. Entering the..

ENSLAVED | release single/video ‘Caravans to the Outer Worlds (Live from The Otherworldly Big Band Experience)’; new album ‘Heimdal’ out March 3rd, 2023

Photo: Roy Bjørge Left-field metal luminaries Enslaved have revealed a single and video for Caravans to the Outer Worlds (Live from The Otherworldly Big Band Experience). The track, which comes from their forthcoming new studio album Heimdal (out March 3rd), as well as last year's EP of the same name, sees an innovative, alternative live recording and stellar presentation of the song, with..

Scar For Life – Sociophobia (Pride & Joy Music)

Scar For Life is a Portuguese hard rock formed in 2008 by the guitarist Alexandre Santos with Sociophobia being the group's 5th album. Santos is the only remaining original member and it appears that he has been more than happy to change personnel in search of the sound that he is looking for. The current..

Grim Justice – Justice in the Night (Self-released)

Grim Justice have been rocking hard and heavy since 2010. Inspired by the good old 80's Heavy Metal and 70's Hard Rock legends, Grim Justice's songs tell about the unmerciful justice that everyone gets to know at least once in a lifetime. The talented musicians based in Vienna, Austria add a clear individual note to..

MESHUGGAH announced March/April 2023 Tour of Sweden and Norway!

Photo: Edvard Hansson & Brendan Baldwin Adventurous, progressive, brutal, and tirelessly creative - Meshuggah's position as the most inventive and creative metal band ever to do it remains undisputed. And 30 years into their illustrious career, the iconic Swedish band shows no signs of decay. 2022 brought the release of their ninth and most fearlessly imaginative studio..