Joe Bonamassa – Blues Deluxe Vol. 2 (J&R Adventures)

Blues guitar supremo Joe Bonamassa goes back to his roots with this new release – of course, the core of his music has always been good old-fashioned blues, but like most modern guitarists in the genre, he has branched out into other areas. Most of his recent albums have essentially been rock, in many cases..

Blood Lightning – Blood Lightning (Ripple Music)

Formed in December 2020, Blood Lightning brings together the talents of vocalist Jim Healey (We’re All Gonna Die), guitarist Doug Sherman (GOZU), bassist Bob Maloney (Worshipper) and drummer J.R. Roach (Sam Black Church). Their style is heavily influenced by early Sabbath, with equal doses of classic Eighties heavy metal and some southern rock added over...


After a five year hiatus, when Ms Amy Birks and her two companions took a temporary leave of each other, The Beatrix Players are back in the game and with a sparkling new album. The two other players, her old muckers Helena Dove and Tony Manning, return to the fold, but this time inside an..