Photo: Ian Jenkinson

Fear Factory – (Rock City, Nottingham, 27 October, 2023)

A belligerent Friday night M1 motorway trek, ridiculously early doors and a queue that snakes around the block to get into Nottingham’s Rock City snakes around the block meaning that opening act Ghosts of Atlantis are playing their last song to a small but appreciative early evening crowd. Ignea. Photo: Ian Jenkinson Ignea. Photo: Ian..

Green Lung – This Heathen Land (Nuclear Blast Records) This Heathen Land Green Lung have grown out of their Sabbath-influenced roots to create a surprisingly varied and accessible album, full of classic riffs, big choruses, and fascinating lyrics. A cynic might ask: is there anything more to Green Lung than slavishly trying to create the sound of Black Sabbath? Listen to the first..