Interview with Steve Asheim (Deicide)

Two weeks ago, death metal veterans Deicide released their new album Banished By Sin, which happens to be one of the best in their career. That was a good opportunity to reach out to their legendary drummer and a founding member Steve Asheim, who told us how it all started nearly four decades ago and..

Marty Friedman – Drama (Frontiers Music)

The melodies are strong, and Friedman gets the balance right between meditative playing and more bombastic passages. He’s come a long way since Megadeth and the good news is that he’s still worth listening to. Having reached fame and fortune as guitarist in Megadeth during the ‘90s, you could have forgiven Marty Friedman for sitting..

THE TANGENT – To Follow Polaris (InsideOut)

The original title of this album was to be Tangent For One because, although the album is being released under the band’s name, this is actually an Andy Tillison solo album in that, not only did he write all the songs, he also played all the instruments, which meant having to learn how to play..

Maidavale – Sun Dog (Silver Dagger Records)

Swedish psych-rock wonders MaidaVale released their new album Sun Dog on May 3rd. It seems like ages since their last release, 2018's Madness Is Too Pure which followed their 2016 debut Tales of the Wicked West, but it's certainly been worth the wait! For those not familiar with the band, MaidaVale is a rock band that..

Demon – Invincible (Frontiers Music)

It is an interesting phenomenon how perceptions change and are influenced a lot when put in context. British hard rock veterans Demon are a very good example. On the one hand, you have the band name, the music on their first two albums and the album artwork and lyrics, which put them firmly in the..

Gary Moore – Back To The Blues (vinyl reissue) (BMG)

Irish rock and blues god Gary Moore’s musical history is quite complicated. He drifted in and out of rock bands Skid Row and Thin Lizzy, and jazz-rock fusion outfit Colosseum II, releasing his debut as the Gary Moore Band in 1973 and stumping up an impressive session for Andrew Lloyd Webber on his proggy Variations..