March 21, 2023

Charming dark cabaret metal adepts TARDIGRADE INFERNO announces the impending release of their new EP, Arrival of a Train. This four-song spectacle of dark, avant-garde metal is due out on May 17.

TARDIGRADE INFERNO plunged into the creative process and even slightly damaged the space-time continuum while creating the Arrival of a Train EP in their dark laboratory! From the test tubes a circus organ creaks ominously and fat guitars pour, alternated with a double kick. And on the top reigns a unique, artistic, one-of-a-kind vocal that turns each song into a theatrical performance.

It’s time for the ringmaster to reappear under the spotlights in front of seasoned metalheads, geeks, musical aesthetes, and single dreamers at the grotesque carnival!

This is the first musical work since 2021 that has gathered several stories that, as usual, pose questions without obvious answers.

The irony in the lyrics is getting more subtle, the symbolism intensifies, and the riffs are getting heavier. The dark hypnotism of the unalterable front-woman Darya, coupled with expressive unique vocals caressing the ear and sincere performance, fascinates and cuts to the bone.

A string of strange characters, genetic mutations, and obnoxious metaphors in the compositions, forming short stories, are intertwined into one anthology. Arrival of a Train is impossible to listen to in the background because it’s simply impossible to break away and ignore the end of the story, whether it’s a decadent black joke or a bloodthirsty philosophical parable. In this EP you can find a farce, a body horror exercise about humanity and human essence, a post-apocalypse, and occult devilry. TARDIGRADE INFERNO is not afraid to experiment, and the genre contributes to this. Your job is to start laughing at the plot, and then sob, recognizing yourself in the characters from Arrival of a Train.

Call it metal bacchanalia or musical hooliganism if that’s your type of art – you’ve found a real treasure!

Arrival of a Train was written and produced by TARDIGRADE INFERNO. The EP was mixed and mastered by Vladimir Lehtinen.

Arrival Of A Train

  1. Arrival of a Train
  2. Fire, Plague and Locust
  3. Engine of Skin
  4. Evoke


In 2016, TARDIGRADE INFERNO shaped its own sound and style, which the audience describes as unique and fresh. The band then released its first EP. The positive response inspired the band to push forward. In 2019, they released their debut album and a music video for a cover of We Are Number One (LazyTown). The video quickly gained 1 million views. The audience was growing fast, and a year later, TARDIGRADE INFERNO started performing live. The concerts were a great success. A line of merchandise, one more EP, and a couple of singles soon followed. The legions of TARDIGRADE INFERNO fans began to grow. In the spring of 2022, the band embarked on a highly successful first tour. 2023 will see the release of a new EP and full-length album, both promising to be stronger than previous releases.


Darya Rorria – vocals

Alexander Pavlovich – guitars, keys

Maxim Belekhov – bass

Andrew Drew – drums