August 27, 2022

Fresh off the road following their first US tour in years, Los Angeles rock band 96 BITTER BEINGS have dropped a brand new single, Wish Me Dead, from their highly-anticipated second full-length album, Synergy Restored (out November 4th). 

Founding songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Deron Miller says of the song: “At some point in their lives, many of us come face to face with that special someone that actually puts more time and effort into attempting to get us to fail than they do into trying to succeed themselves. Jealousy is so baffling, because it is too transparent of an emotion to deny. There’s nothing else you can call it… whether you are the recipient or the one dishing it out. We knocked it out of the park on Wish Me Dead. Instantly you recognize that classic CKY sound; and a song I am this proud of has only come around once or twice in my whole life.”

Years in the making, 96 BITTER BEINGS‘ Synergy Restored is 11 songs of relentless power and vibe. Four-on-the-floor, fuzzy and visceral, proper rock n’ roll made by an actual band, rather than a bunch of over-processed samples and otherwise stale shenanigans. Songs like Vaudeville’s Revenge, 90 Car Pile-Up, and Wish Me Dead offer vivid reminders of the truth-telling prowess of guitars, bass, and drums. Miller is on fire, weaponizing the same knack for memorable musical epiphanies behind projects like Foreign ObjectsWorld Under Blood and CKY.

Deron Miller
 gives his life to the riff. Unrestrained by industry expectations and genre limitations, the boundlessly prolific guitarist and voice behind multiple beloved projects is best known as the founder, front man, and songwriter in CKY. His authentic and effortlessly hooky heavy rock obsession returns with 96 BITTER BEINGS. Reinvigorated and ready to rumble all over again, Miller roars back with the same reverence for riffage that made underground hits out of CKY anthems like Flesh Into GearEscape from Hellview and Disengage the Simulator from 1998 till 2011. 

96 BITTER BEINGS lineup:
Deron Miller – Vocals/Guitar
Kenneth Hunter – Guitar
Shaun Luera – Bass
Tim Luera – Drums

96 BITTER BEINGS online: