April 28, 2020

Listen up, this is a lovely little EP, nicely composed, lovely playing, a complete surprise! A Day in Venice is actually a one-man-band, aka Andrej Kralj, a multi-talented artist from Trieste, Italy. Andrej is a clever chap, he’s a painter, poet and music producer; and has also been creating music and has published three albums under the ‘ADIV’ banner since 2013. Lights is his latest creation, now available, self-released as usual, you can find details on his (ADIV) Facebook page. This latest EP contains four new songs, with all instruments, vocals, composition and production done by the man himself., the only help being vocals from Scott Foster Harris on Lights, and Jyi (spelling is correct) on Vintage Variation.

Within a tag of laid-back alt-rock, the four tracks are quite different, although to me they share a similar melancholic ambience not dissimilar to Snow Patrol, Goldfrapp, Doves etc.? There’s an elegaic wistfulness to them but not depressing, more that sense of calm at the end of the day. Although they all include a sort of subdued riffing, the overall sound washes over you, it left me with a sense of tranquility. Great music to sit out of an evening and absorb the view of whatever kind!

the man himself!

Lights, the title track, has a cinematic sense of “big panorama”, reminiscent of The Curse Of Lono (see last year’s VT review of their debut album), and features a nicely melodic riff, the vocals being quite subdued in an almost echoey style that haunts me. Vampires has a nice-looking ‘lyric video’ (see below), it’s quite calm and perhaps more thoughtful than the opener. Reminding me somehow of Snow Patrol, melodic alternative dark pop would be a fitting description for a track that is effortlessly pleasing. Vintage Variation is again heavily reminiscent for me of Snow Patrol but with female vocals, contributed by Jyi. It has a dreamy, almost psychedelic quality underpinned by rhythmic guitar. Then finally we have Your People, Our People, again sort of psychedelic with fudged but still delicate vocals, much more electronic in style.

Vampires – a lyric video

As I said in my intro, this EP came as a complete and very agreeable surprise. I’ve not heard of him / “them” before, but having sampled this EP I am genuinely intrigued as to what his full-length albums might be like!