May 23, 2022

A Day in Venice (aka Andrej Kralj) has released another taste of his forthcoming album, his latest song “Flames of Gold”.

“Flames of Gold” features on vocals Angelos Kyprianos and a special guest from Spain, Amanda.

The new song anticipates the alternative rock soundscapes of the forthcoming album, which will see the light next year. See the video of the new song below:

Andrej Kralj
aka A Day In Venice

At the moment Flames of Gold is available for streaming on Youtube only. It will be released on the forthcoming album, which will be available in 2023.

About A Day in Venice:
A Day in Venice aka Andrej Kralj has written and produced three full-length albums in his home studio in the middle of the woody Karst plateau since 2014. His releases include A Day in Venice (2014), Singles (2018), III (2019), the EP Lights(2020), and four singles TWIOYS (August 2020), Ophidian Queen (September 2020), No one can stop you (April 2022) and now Flames of Gold (May 2022).

See our Velvet Thunder review from April 2020 of the Lights EP here:

Currently, he is working on a new album due to be released next year with Angelos Kyprianos on vocals and many international special guests.