June 17, 2024

The curiously titled A Neverending John’s Dream is a Spanish melodic rock band which was only recently formed in 2022 in Barcelona by the foursome of Joan M. Heredia (vocals and drums), David Vidal (guitar), Paul E. Schuster (bass) and Xavier Miró (keyboards) with Coming Back To Paradise being their very confident debut release.

This very much appears to be Heredia’s band as he is the composer and producer as well as being instrumental in pulling the other musicians into the team although he allows the other musicians full sway in the proceedings so this is a real band and not a mere project of Heredia. It can never be easy being the vocalist as well as the drummer but some very successful bands have managed to combine both roles and Heredia does a great job too with his very pleasing slightly higher register voice which gives a real lift to the music and reminds of some of the sumptuous American AOR bands in their pomp particularly Styx and Foreigner with the music also having a flavour of those magnifiscent Swedes, Europe.

The compositions are strong and instrumentation is stunning with some quite outstanding guitar from Vidal as he lays down some truly searing solos and heavy, griding riffs with the keys of Miró being exceptional as he keeps everything lush and melodic. The music has that transatlantic sound that should go down well in all markets making this a very strong debut indeed and very much a band to keep a close watch on. 

Coming Back To Paradise

  1. Welcome To My Ghost Kingdom (2:07
  2. Coming Back To Paradise (4:43)
  3. Equilibrium (4:10)
  4. I’ve Lost My Dreams (5:33)
  5. If We Stand United (4:54
  6. Alone With My Shadow (4:10)
  7. Prisoners Of This Life (4:02)
  8. In Our Hands (4:22)
  9. Sad Winter (4:42)
  10. Save Me From Myself (3:38)
  11. Mother Of All (5:37)
  12. Sunrise (3:53)