January 7, 2024

To be honest, I thought that the days of the troubadour singer-songwriter were long gone and the only guys you seem to see these days are the usual X Factor type dross that turns my blood cold. Step forward Adam Masterson to save the day and to turn the clock back to the ’60s and ’70s protest singers with their tales to tell and Adam skilfully joins the list of the greats with his songs which are all perfectly formed and thrillingly delivered parcels of sheer genius.

Masterson was born in London but is now based in New York and his darkly delightful music has allowed him to share the stage with the great and the good and if Patti Smith invites you to guest with her then you know that you are something very special! His output is hardly prolific with his debut release being One Tale Too Many which he put out way back in 2003 and it has taken a further 20-years for his 2nd album to see the light of day but, oh boy, the wait been worth it as Time Bomb is one of those gorgeous, sumptuous albums that will stay with you forever.

The music may be new but there is a worldliness about Masterson and an everyman feel about him too so that you get the distinct impression that he is singing to only you and that you are the only two people in the world which is a very rare talent indeed. His style and delivery is reminiscent of an eclectic mixture of Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Nick Drake, Bruce Springsteen, Richard Hawley, Julian Cope and most definitely Ian McNabb and surely that is enough to make you want to seek out this quite remarkable album from a musician with enough style, talent and energy to light up a city.

Time Bomb is another of those albums that was recorded remotely due to Covid restrictions with the copious list of well-known guest performers all adding their parts remotely too with everything being perfectly put together by Masterson and his skilled backroom team so much so that there is a real feel of an organic spontaneity about each track.

The album closes with the hauntingly beautiful Leaves Against The Sky which is an emotional 10-minute magnum opus that leaves you emotionally drained but wanting much, much more. If you think they do not make genius singer-songwriter music anymore then give this album a listen and you will see that there are still some amazingly talented performers simply waiting to be discovered.

If only the music media could get behind these unsung heroes instead of force feeding us manufactured nonentities.

Time Bomb

  1. Time Bomb (3:48)
  2. Bring Back The Freaks (4:48)
  3. Chains (5:00)
  4. Take A Little Love (3:56)
  5. Run Away (3:25)
  6. Avenue Walk (4:30)
  7. The Kiss (5:07)
  8. Wild Wolves (4:27)
  9. Crazy Rain (3:11)
  10. Rusty Cans And Dusty Alleys (3:43)
  11. Cry With No Tears (3:48)
  12. Leaves Against The Sky (10:10)