June 25, 2022

Oh dear. I was very much looking forward to the new album by the Italian band Aevum having been mightily impressed by their third album Multiverse in 2020. This was an intense and powerful symphonic metal with three wonderful vocalists in the two spectacular female singers Lucille with her rock voice, Hydra being all shock and awe with her amazing soprano and Richard offering up dark and devastating death metal male vocals for terrific contrast. They shared a joint heritage with the usual symphonic bands like Epica, Delain, Nightwish and Within Temptation but had a touch of Gallic flair and enterprises given that the band members are split between Italy and France. This certainly made Multiverse a more esoteric album with some lovely progressive rock influences but, above all, the power and majesty of symphonic metal allied with elements of Gothic rock and even a touch of electro resonating away in the background.

It now seems that there have been several changes in the band and now line-up with Lucille on vocals, Emanuel and Lord on guitar, Paul on bass, Ian on sample, Richard on keyboards and vocals with TheNola on drums. Valentina Tinetto provides guest vocals on What’s in a Name and Fabio Privitera sings on The Traitor. So, we have a new drummer which seems to be a straight replacement but the big issue here is that Hydra has gone which has totally changed the dynamic of the vocals in the band. No more majestic soprano notes hitting the stratosphere with Lucille toning down her voice too with Richard singing away in the background which is all very pleasing but the dynamite appears to be missing. Glitch is not a bad album as it contains some great songs and all played by excellent musicians but that indefinable spark is missing and by indefinable I really mean the soprano voice of Hydra.

Had I never heard Multiverse then I would be saying how good Glitch is (which it is) but it just does not have the magic that Multiverse did. Have a listen and you may disagree with me but I do have to say that this is still a very good symphonic/Gothic rock album but they have moved a little closer to Nightwish territory and it was better when they just stood a little apart. The album closes with a neat bonus track which is rock version of Lady GaGa’s Poker Face, a great song given the full Aevum treatment.


  1. Lullaby (3:04)
  2. Black Swan Theory (3:26)
  3. Desire (4:22)
  4. What’s in A Name (3:37)
  5. Holy Alix (3:32)
  6. The Traitor (3:42)
  7. 7 (4:05), Glitch (4:38)
  8. La Signora dei Libri (3:58)
  9. Lucretia (3:37)
  10. #Jump (3:37)
  11. Wings Over the Ocean (4:00)
  12. Austerlitz (4:20
  13. I Wish I Had More Time (3:26)
  14. Poker Face (3:10)