March 10, 2022

Age Of Wolves is a newly formed rock band out of Ontario, Canada which was put together in 2019 and this new release is the band’s self titled debut.

The outfit may be new but the musicians are all veterans of the Canadian rock scene with the musicians having been in bands like Thy Kingdom Slum, My Terminal Ritual, Gypsy Chief Goliath and Georgian Skull and all have previously played many times together. So they have all brought a wealth of experience to Age Of Wolves and this is pretty much obvious from the opening moments as the musicians seem to have taken the music that they enjoy and have grown up with so what we have here is a pretty much old school hard rock album with its roots very much in the ’70s and ’80s.

The band comprises Michael Edwards on vocals, Al Bones on guitar/backing vocals, Ray Solomon on bass and Dwayne LaFramboise on drums and is a really tight and professional outfit. There is a blues rock swagger to their delivery as they incorporate sounds from Free and Bad Company with Sabbath inspired riffs, the energy and sheer grittiness of the magnificent Nazareth and a delicious dose of the genius that was thin Lizzy at the height of the bands powers and then add a touch of Alter Bridge to stir in a little modern flavour and you have an instant and most gratifying dose of real hard rock delight. Check out Temple Bar which is an anthem to Phil Lynott and the boys and I’m sure they all would approve. Michael Edwards has something of Brian Johnson about his delivery and is an ideal focus for the band with its tight and powerful rhythm section which allows Al Bones to lay down plenty of thrilling guitar breaks.

If you miss the days when a band could boogie all night and lay down crunching riffs with killer vocals without any fancy studio trickery then you are sure to love Age Of Wolves. Dinosaurs maybe but who doesn’t love a T-Rex?