November 24, 2022

Ain’t Logic System is an Alternative Rock band from Tarouca, a city between Beira-Alta and Douro in Portugal, formed by five friends in March 2019, that captures an kind of fusion between Rock, Grunge, Stoner and other genres. With distinct musical influences between each member of the band, the Ain’t Logic System transcends any attempts (by me) to label them! However, in the cause of guiding you all, if pushed I would say they are a fascinating blend of Tool, Avenged Sevenfold, perhaps Creed and most certainly Velvet Revolver – hopefully you begin to get the picture, because it’s definitely worth exploring!

Untold Truth is a short-ish EP, just three tracks totalling a smidge over 17 minutes, all of which is contained in the video below. But the trio offer an intriguing variety and mixture of mood. The EP opens with Gettin’ Away, it’s got a great opening riff and tight rhythm, and introduces a lead singer with real power and potential (sorry guys, despite my best efforts I wasn’t able to track down the names of the band members – I’m keen to find out!). It ranges tastily from semi-spoken story-telling through a big chorus, some swirling guitar work in the background. I like this – a lot!

The second track, Come to Heal Me, sidles in quietly, an echoey and spacious sound supporting a simple vocal line that explodes into a whopper of a chorus – this is where the Creed analogy works for me, that veering from gentle tinkling into full-frontal alt-rock with again such a strong vocal performance. A superb guitar solo underlines what an accomplished band this is, the song winds up and up to a crescendo, it’s simply wonderful stuff!

Rules to Live is the third slice of the trio, it again displays a very mature blend of vibe and atmosphere. It starts gently and tastefully, drawing you in before the captivating riff grabs you – very like Velvet Revolver’s Slither in tone, riff and vocals, Slash would be delighted to belt this one out himself! A tasty middle section and anthemic chorus line are pinned together by a lovely bassline and punchy percussion.

Alternative and progressive rock/metal, with grunge layers and plenty of groove, this band can deliver the lot! There’s melody, power, slices of huge anthemic rock, heavy rock, great drum and bass dynamics and beautiful guitar harmonies, not to mention powerhouse vocals. A short but very, very, good debut, it’s left me impatiently wanting to hear more – much more – from this extremely talented young band…Bring it on, guys!

the full EP!