November 18, 2023

17th November, Alberta Cross and Band of Skulls unleash their collaborative single ‘Crooked House’– a union of creativity that promises to leave an indestructible mark on the rock scene. Combining the minds of these two artists, ‘Crooked House’ will excite fans of Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age with its raw and invigorating sound. 

Stream Crooked House here

Watch the video here (Video shot by Ethan Porter)

Alberta Cross are an Anglo-Swedish rock band founded by singer and guitarist Petter Ericson Stakee and his London pal Terry Wolfers in the mid-00s. Their anthemic Americana-tinged songs possess a vulnerability and earthiness and they have consistently pushed the boundaries of alternative rock with their timeless sound and artistic vision- similar to Southampton’s Band of Skulls. After bumping into each other whilst simultaneously touring the world, it’s unbelievable that this partnership hasn’t come at a sooner date. 

Produced by Russell Marsden, Marc MacNab- Jack and Petter Ericson Stakee, the new single ‘Crooked House’ is a song that defies expectations and delivers a powerful message. Russell Marsden of Band of Skulls describes the collaboration as a meeting of like minds creating a song full of vitriol and frustration, yet with an optimistic and cathartic message. “By meeting Petter and collaborating on this song, I feel we have done both,” he says. “This is Alberta very Cross, or an alternate universe Band of Skulls with an ethereal male co-vocalist. Thanks to being introduced by our mutual friend Marc, something unexpected has emerged. ‘Crooked House’ is the place I want to smash to pieces, yet I’m proud to survive it”

Petter Ericson Stakee of Alberta Cross adds, “Such a pleasure to work with these two dudes after bumping into each other on the long road often in many different corners of the world for years. ‘Crooked House’ just happened in front of us really, and I’m glad it did. Quite a beast of a rawk tune.”

Marc MacNab-Jack, drummer for both bands, says, “I knew bringing these two legends into a room together would create magic. After circling the globe and bumping into each other for the good part of 15 years it was time to have these bands work together- the rawkesness of Band of Skulls met with the dreamy wonder that is Alberta Cross!” 

With the track comes a music video. “Crooked House was a super fun process to make. The song captures the mania of modern day politics and the bewilderment and savagery of political figures . So it seemed only fitting to have a video which emulated the fantasy of a wannabe couch politician who is ultimately in search of his own identity but regrettably finds it in the echo chamber of extremist politics. The story of our character Clive Banham resolves by him finding his solace in taking his mask off and letting his inner rocker out.”

With support from BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music, Billboard, Paste Rolling Stone, Classic Rock & more, Alberta Cross have also toured with renowned acts such as Mumford & Sons, Johnny Marr, Neil Young, Them Crooked Vultures, and Rag N’ Bone Man, bringing a wealth of experience to this collaboration. Their journey has included performances on television shows like The Late Show with David Letterman and Last Call with Carson Daly, as well as having tracks featured in hit US TV series.

Alberta Cross & Band of Skulls new single ‘Crooked House’ is out now – Stream it here. Watch the video here.