October 19, 2021

Best known for being the charismatic bass player & backing vocalist of the Australian progressive metal band VOYAGER, Perth based musician Alex Canion takes the helm to navigate through the murky waters of alternative/heavy rock with his debut solo release, ‘Birthmark’.

With the guitars recorded in a guitar shop after hours and over the course of  6 years, ‘Birthmark’ will release independently on 25th October 2021, Alex’s birthday.

Alex has launched the single ‘Sorrowtar’ (see video below)


Alex says this about Sorrowtar: “This might be the best song I’ve written yet, Sorrowtar is an ode to my battle with depression. Sorrowtar is a word I made up to try and describe what I was feeling inside at that time. The way I visualised it was as if I had black tar stretched out like tree roots from the core of my being, spreading throughout my body and infecting my organs and bones like cancer. It literally impacted every aspect of who I was and how I thought about myself. The crazy thing is that there’s always that little bit of Sorrowtar deep inside, I just need to make sure it’s not being fed!

From the outset, Nine Inch Nails always came to mind as a stylistic inspiration for this song, particularly The Downward Spiral album. I first heard it when I was 11 years old and it has an especially dark aura to me which was what I was trying to replicate in this song. When played on acoustic guitar there are some sickeningly dissonant guitar voicing, which I’m proud of. This song paired with the stunning video clip my oldest friend Matt Pitcher put together, I think it might be the standout track on the EP for me personally.”

For the music video, Alex hired the efforts of good friends and local Perth musicians including a drummer you might recognise as Ashley Doodkorte, also from Voyager. The other musicians are Ben Court on Bass and Ari Remund on Piano, with Alex at the helm on guitars and vocals.

The title of the EP was inspired by the birthmarks on Alex’s left side of his face, symbolising his first solo effort in the music world and celebrating that which makes us all unique in our own way.

‘Birthmark’ arrives on 25th October  and is available to pre-order on Bandcamp. The alternative prog/folk/rock tracks are influenced by Alex’s love for bands such as Opeth, Type O Negative, Nine Inch Nails and Katatonia and each song showcases his multi-instrumental abilities, having him perform all instruments on the EP.

Track List for ‘Birthmark’

To The Fore

Mote of Dust



Dream A Dream

The EP also features Alex’s Grandad on the song ‘Mote of Dust’. Alex says:“I wanted to try my hand at a deliberately simple folky style song and this is what I came up with!  The lyrics for the verses in this song were particularly hard for me to write, as I was trying to distil the essence of life’s journey as a whole. I’m proud of the chorus though, I think it’s descriptive but also slightly abstract, thanks in part to Carl Sagan and his ever inspiring way with words.As this song is about life’s journey from childhood to old age, I thought it’d be awesome to have my Grandfather (Who’s been singing barbershop for over 20 years) to sing the third verse as the main character in his more advanced age. Having him immortalised in the song makes it particularly special to me, and if I’m going to be the second-best singer on my own EP, I’m glad it’s my lovely Grandad that’s showing me up! If the intro is me wearing my unabashed love for Opeth on my sleeve, then the final chorus loaded with vocal harmonies is me tipping my cap to the Eagles.”

the video for ‘Sorrowtar’