November 20, 2020

Alien is a Swedish melodic rock band with a long history behind it which dates as far back as 1986 but there have been also been several periods of extended inactivity and quite a few musicians have come and gone in the intervening years.

The group was formed by guitarist Tony Borg and vocalist Jim Jidhed in Gothenburg and proved rather popular particularly in Sweden as well as breaking in several international markets too. Dark Eyes was the bands fifth album in 2005 and was a very good AOR album but, by then, the band had gone through several quite serious changes in personnel and they more or less fizzled out but returned again in 2010 and eventually released album number six, Eternity in 2014. This return also saw the band revert to the original line-up of Borg’ and Jidhed with drummer Toby Tarrach, keyboardist Jimmy Wandroph and bassist Ken Sandin and brought some element of stability back into the group. However, the revolving door has been working again and both Wandroph and Sandin have since left the band and now, according to the publicity accompanying Into The Future, they are just the three musicians of Jidhed, Borg and Tarrach but there is no mention of guest musicians so it looks like these three have produced all of the music themselves.

The information on the band also says that Alien has moved away from being an AOR band and are a heavier outfit with more guitars but those who already know the previous output of these Swedes will immediately recognise the band from this record. It is still melodic rock band but with a little more pomp rock to their style and is now trading very much in Magnum territory. The guitar work is clean and exciting with plenty of solos and riffs and this drives the band’s core sound with great vocals rather similar to the mighty Bob Catley. Erik Mårtensson of ECLIPSE fame has done a sterling job on mixing and mastering which helps to make Into The Future a very enjoyable melodic rock album with great songs from some excellent musicians.

I just wish the band could finally settle down with a truly stable line-up.

Into The Future track list

  1. You Still Burn (4:07)
  2. Night Of Fire (4:43)
  3. War Scars (3:45)
  4. Time Is Right (3:53)
  5. What Are We Fighting For (4:03)
  6. Into The Future (5:30)
  7. Freedom Wind (4:08)
  8. Really Wheeling It (3:46)
  9. Fallin Way Down (3:36)
  10. In Her Eyes (4:52)
  11. Children (4:38)