May 15, 2022

Well, what a surprise this album was. Again, I’m guilty of judging an album by its cover and the rather gaudy comic strip art cover told me to get ready for some 100mph glam/sleaze derivative which is fine by me but I was totally unprepared for the cultured yet aggressively hard hitting old school rock that burst from the speakers. There are immediate influences from The Stones and Aerosmith allied with the skill and guitar driven ferocity of Van Halen, a touch of Bowie and Lou Reed and some Dave Brock style riffs make this a real homage to the 1970s but with such a modern feel and vibe. This is one of those party rock albums that will grab everyone’s attention enough to get them down to the groove, enquire about the band’s name and then make a quick trip to the local record store to pick up a copy. Trust me, if you are any sort of hard rock or old school fan then you simply must have Turned Up To Destroy in your collection. The more you listen the more you pick up on some pretty classic band and suddenly I’m now thinking of The Dictators and The Flamin’ Groovies and then the Foo Fighters and Alter Bridge which pretty much makes this an everyman album with universal appeal.

The Alive hail from Arkansas with this being their debut album and it is a record that will surely makes waves around the world. Indeed, in this crazy planet of ours world and the ever increasing and very specific genes it is nice to come across a rock album that gets back to basics and simply rocks big style and puts a big stupid grin on your face because it is just so good. Wes Lee Scott supplies lead vocals and bass with Tye Hall simply stunning on lead guitar with his power riffing and tremendous solos and Tracy Duty on drums and they play with a freedom and a joy not seen since Brian Setzer and The Stray Cats were in their pomp.

Buy the album, play it loud and forget about everything in the world for a while and just listen to a group of amazing musicians as they take you on a magical, mystical journey.

Turned Up To Destroy

  1. The Call (0:44)
  2. Where Are My Animals (2:48)
  3. All The Way To Babylon (4:06)
  4. Hard Enough (4:57)
  5. Lemon Crush (4:01
  6. All My Friends Are Vampires (3:29)
  7. Come Get Some (3:16)
  8. High On You (4:33)
  9. The Real Thing (Love’s A Bitch) (4:12)
  10. Haunting Me (4:33)
  11. This Is Rock And Roll (3:02)