February 17, 2023

There are so many retro-metal and NWOTHM bands these days and yet, very few of them are capable of capturing the true essence of the early days of the genre, meaning late 70s – early 80s. Amethyst, coming from Switzerland, is one such band, unashamedly performing the music they love, BUT with the spirit and sense of melody of the elders.

Rock Knights is the title of their debut 4-song tape (yes, you read that right), which is already completely sold out more than a month before the official release date on Jawbreaker Records (don’t worry though – a repress is coming soon). The hype around these guys is building fast and there is a reason for that. Just check out the video for opening song Chasing Shadows and you’ll be teleported straight into ‘79 with super catchy, but meaty riffs, great melodies and vocals, with a slight touch of melancholy. Same can be said about all four songs and I would have a real hard time to pick a favorite out of the bunch. The lengthy instrumental section in Into The Black is performed with such competence and punch as if by thirty-year veterans of the scene. The youthful energy and fire these songs burst with, however, are an evidence there is so much more to expect from Amethyst. Did I mention the choruses? Damn! Fantastic stuff. I cannot get Stormchild out of my mind – there is a constant stupid smile on my face every time I play this song. There is something here that reminds me of Gotham City, then there’s some Virtue, or Thin Lizzy, but in the end – it’s Amethyst.

Watch these guys very closely. I really hope they get the big support they deserve and even before their tape has been released, I am already anticipating the debut full-length.


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You can listen to two songs and pre-order Rock Knights (when it is available again) from HERE