April 10, 2024

Yours Until The War Is Over is the third album by the artist Amigo The Devil aka Danny Kiranos, an American singer, songwriter and musician and devotee of the oft disturbing sub-genre known as ‘murder folk’ named so as he explores the darker side of the human psych and dredges the cesspool for stories of the alternative side of life. He is most definitely a modern-day poet but best check under the bed at night if you have listened to his music as his provoking tales take you very close to the edge.

Kiranos’ style is American/roots with a touch of the genius of Johnny Cash tempered by the overwhelming, structured delivery of artists like Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits so you get fabulous stories that make an immediate impact but one that just leaves you with a shudder even as you become thoroughly absorbed by his jaundiced tales of madness. He sings with a delicious yet melancholic voice as he expands on his tales with just a touch of irony that relieves the chill in your heart and a paradoxical joviality that somehow makes the subject matter almost jovial and mundane. I always used to wonder how Stephen King slept at night and just maybe Danny Kiranos sleeps with one eye open too.

When it is this good then Americana is an art form that puts everything else in the shade and shows that the old, traditional protest singer is still alive and gigging but his subject matter is no longer about political issues but more about the seedier side of life and how we insignificant creatures live it. Music is all about emotion and our friend Amigo The Devil has a wonderful talent for pulling every string that needs pulling and he has mastered the arcane art of making the unlistenable listenable and that is a rare talent indeed.

Turn the lights down low (but not too low) and press play to experience dark Americana that shows folk has developed into an unexpected yet thoroughly absorbing art form and proves that Danny Kiranos is a rare talent indeed and one that we need to treasure.

Yours Until The War Is Over

  1. Hanging by the Roots (3:14)
  2. It’s All Gone (2:42)
  3. I’m Going to Heaven (4:57)
  4. The Mechanic (4:00)
  5. Once Upon a Time at Texaco pt. 1 (4:13)
  6. Barrel and Staghorn (2:34)
  7. Agnes (1:54)
  8. Cannibal Within (3:48)
  9. Garden of Leaving (3:18)
  10. Virtue and Vitriol (3:34)
  11. One Day at a Time (3:03)
  12. Stray Dog (4:11)
  13. Closer (4:24)