October 12, 2020

Ancient Curse is another German power metal band from Bremen and it has been around since 1985 although the musical output is low with The New Prophecy being only the third full CD although there have been several demos and EPs. I’m not sure why the recorded works are so little and it is actually surprising that the previous two full albums were released in 1997 and 1998 so the wait has been 22-years which is long by any standards. The band has kept pretty much a stable line-up with Pepe Pierez on vocals and guitar, Gunnar Erxleben on guitar, Thorsten Penz on bass and Matthias Schröder on drums so they have the usual twin guitar attack over thumping bass and relentless, incendiary drums. They also have a couple of guests helping out with Oliver Palotai (Kamelot) and Henning Basse (Metalium/Sons Of Seasons) supplying keyboards.

The musicians sound so together and all is perfectly produced so it is difficult to fathom why there has been so little activity especially when Pierez has that hard and grizzled voice that is just so perfect for heavy rock and the guitars combine in typical ‘Priest mode and create a maelstrom of metal. The band has a slightly different sound as they flirt between prog metal, power metal, thrash and even old school heavy rock but given that they have been around 35-years then they will have absorbed quite a few styles but think Helloween, Accept and Priest/Maiden to get a flavour of the music they specialise in.

The songs are perfect, presented so well and almost all fall into the epic category with huge themes and an even bigger sound to back it up. They can do acoustic and reflective but you know that churning riffs are not far away and they deliver your daily dose of metal in exactly the right proportions. Just listen to the nine minute monster that is Man Of The Storm which perfectly sums up the band as it is huge, all encompassing, so intricate and yet devastating powerful.

Grand, epic, overblown and immense, simply how else would you want your power metal delivered? The New Prophecy is a most welcome return from this excellent German band but, please, do not leave it so long before album number four is released.

Ancient Curse track list

  1. We Follow The Signs (7:20)
  2. Fire And Ice (5:06)
  3. The Shadow (4:08)
  4. Man Of The Storm (9:13)
  5. Hypnotize (6:22)
  6. One Moment Of Fortune (7:53)
  7. Forever Young (6:37)
  8. Mind Chaos (6:22)
  9. Prophecy (4:47)