October 31, 2020

Swedish vocalist Angelica Rylin will most probably be better known to you as the singer with melodic rock outfit The Murder Of My Sweet’ and she also has a developing solo career as this latest album is her second release under her own name which follows on from Thrive which was released, somewhat surprisingly, as far back as 2013.

The Murder Of My Sweet is a rather unique band being put together to produce melodic rock on a cinematic scale which is huge and all encompassing. For her solo work, Angelica goes a little more mainstream but the emphasis is still very much on melodic rock but closer in feel to the music of artists such as the divine Heart, Robin Beck and Alannah Myles and Sheryl Crow. Angelica is again joined by her incredibly talented band mate Daniel Flores and he supplies keyboards, drums, backing vocals as well as producing the album. Michael Palace (of Swedish band Palace) provides the guitars and bass with Pedro Camargo playing acoustic guitar and providing string production on the lush closing track Time To Go Home. Angelica Rylin has a quite beautiful voice and the songs have been well chosen to complement her perfectly and she doesn’t disappoint with her sweet and perfect delivery.

All I Am is a excellent female fronted AOR rock album which harks back to those heady days of the ’80s when Heart, Jennifer Rush, Pat Benatar and Laura Brannigan ruled the airwaves. This is the type of rock music that never ages, has typical cross-over appeal and serves, again, to show us what a talented artist Angelica Rylin is.

All I Am track list

  1. Calling (4:09)
  2. Beat Them All (3:22)
  3. Addicted To You (3:12)
  4. I’m Sorry (4:07)
  5. Time And Space (3:54)
  6. Don’t Say Goodbye (2:51)
  7.  Still Bleeding (4:33)
  8.  Living On High Hopes (3:15)
  9. A Pounding Heart (3:40)
  10. Angel (3:33)
  11. Time To Go Home (4:47)