October 17, 2023

ANGRA are only a few weeks from releasing their brand new album but also to kick off its supporting tour dates: »Cycles Of Pain« will see the light of day on November 3, 2023 through Atomic Fire Records, new shows keep being announced (see below!), and today, the Brazilian progressive power metal act raise the level of excitement once again by revealing yet another track of the opus. After wandering the worlds of physicality (‘Ride Into The Storm’) and mentality (‘Tide Of Changes’), third digital single ‘Gods Of The World’ peers towards lyrical fields about people that pretend to be extra-human while musically, ANGRA take listeners on an epic, symphonic adventure without lacking their complex and virtuosic trademark elements, making it a must for fans of various periods of the band’s career. The track’s accompanying music video was crafted by a creative team led by Leo Liberti once again and clarifies the bitter truth about our two-class society that causes so many cruelties unfortunately happening around the globe every day, every minute, every second…

Guitarist Bittencourt says: “This video is a reflection about who we are really following as leaders and who we are unconsciously worshipping with our acts. People might believe that they worship God and follow specific values, but in reality they have other priorities such as work, social position, food, social media, pleasure etc. Our highest values play a very small part in the way we behave. Most of us in contemporary society are addicted to being connected to the internet, networks, and social media. An illness that has become normal. It all starts with the fact that most of our work and survival depends on it, and ends on the sense of emptiness and anxiety when our phones are off. That makes us all very passive to the influence of all sorts of truths being bombarded simultaneously through what we follow. While our brains are numb and receptive, we’re commanded by external, also contradictory references. So the gods that rule the world nowadays are the chaos within our own habits, and we’re confused searching for vain experiences to fulfill our lonely and empty souls.”

Cycles Of Pain

  1. Cyclus Doloris
  2. Ride Into The Storm
  3. Dead Man On Display
  4. Tide Of Changes – Part I
  5. Tide Of Changes – Part II
  6. Vida Seca
  7. Gods Of The World
  8. Cycles Of Pain
  9. Faithless Sanctuary
  10. Here In The Now
  11. Generation Warriors
  12. Tears Of Blood


The group’s metal leadership began over 30 years ago in 1991. Hailing since then as one of the finest metal acts originating from South America, the last decade saw the addition of vocalist Fabio Lione (ATHENA XIX, ex-RHAPSODY OF FIRE, ex-VISION DIVINE etc.) to their ranks. With Rafael Bittencourt and Marcelo Barbosa on guitars, Felipe Andreoli on bass and Bruno Valverde on drums, ANGRA have been keeping the momentum and now they are ready to release their long-awaited 10th studio album through their new label partner Atomic Fire Records.


26.10.2023 BR Jardim Paulista – School of Rock (Album Listening Party) *NEW*
28.10.2023 BR São José dos Campos – Festival Hora do Rock @ Arena Vale Fest
01.11.2023 BR Brasília – Toinha Brasil Show
02.11.2023 BR Goiânia – Bolshoi Pub *NEW*
03.11.2023 BR São Paulo – Tokio Marine Hall (Album Release Show)
04.11.2023 BR Sorocaba – Toca Beach House *NEW*
10.11.2023 BR Mogi das Cruzes – Stage Hall
11.11.2023 BR São Paulo – Espaço Leste
14.11.2023 BR Americana – Lenda Music
17.11.2023 BR Jaraguá do Sul – Pirata Rock Bar *NEW*
18.11.2023 BR Joinville – Armageddon Metal Fest
19.11.2023 BR Porto Alegre – Opinião
01.12.2023 BR Belo Horizonte – Mister Rock
02.12.2023 BR Montes Claros – Parque de Exposições João Alencar Athayde
07.12.2023 BR Teresina – Bueiro do Rock *NEW*
09.12.2023 BR Recife – Clube Internacional do Recife *NEW*
15.12.2023 BR Rio de Janeiro – Circo Voador

29.01. – 02.02.2024 US Miami, FL – 70,000 Tons of Metal
26. – 28.04.2024 BR São Paulo – Summer Breeze Brasil
04.09.2024 US Atlanta, GA – ProgPower USA @ Center Stage

ANGRA are:
Fabio Lione | vocals
Rafael Bittencourt | guitars
Marcelo Barbosa | guitars
Felipe Andreoli | bass
Bruno Valverde | drums

ANGRA online:

Official Website