June 21, 2020

The Ani Lo. Projekt is a hard and heavy power/symphonic metal band formed in 2011 by the utterly mesmerising Bulgarian singer Ani Lozanova and drummer Kanstantin Dinev aka Kossy D. Their debut, The Miracle, rapidly followed in 2011 and all seemed fine but 2012 saw Lozanova moving to Germany and Dinev to America which put the band on hold. Work started somewhat belatedly on this new album in 2018 with Dinev (or Kossy D if you prefer) recording his drums in San Diego but he did later come over to Germany to record his vocals.

As a musician Dinev subscribes to the ‘hit it and hit it hard’ school of drumming and his maniacal work builds a huge platform for the band.  All songs have been written by Dawn Of Destiny bassist Jens Faber and he further enhances his reputation by playing guitar, bass and keyboards too. He also provides vocals, both clean and growls, and the three of them combine sublimely as a vocal team.

There are a couple of guests too with Eric Dow (Hellsott) providing vocals on My Misery and Don’t Leave This World with Michael Thionville (Voodoma) supplying vocals on Fly With Me. This is a melodic but very heavy album with huge, huge drums and some stunning riffing with everything played at 100mph (or should that now be 160kph?). The mixture of clean vocals and growls is perfect and it does show that there is a place in rock for growls so I have also learned something new.

What does stand out above everything else though are the vocals of Ani Lozanova, a girl who would give an air raid siren a run for its money. This woman has such a powerful voice and she simply takes no prisoners, you can tell she is in charge. Her voice soars but she also sings quite wonderfully in the lower register too and this, combined with the relentless riffing and drum onslaught ensures that this is a metal album to savour.