November 24, 2020

This is my first experience with the Italian band, the curiously named AnthenorA, a classic heavy rock band with a long but quite fragmented career behind them. Formed in 1989, the band appears to have operated as an Iron Maiden covers band and even managed to tour with Nico McBrain on his drum clinic road shows. Several demos were released before the debut The Last Command came out in 2004 and this was rapidly followed by Soulgrinder in 2006 and The Ghosts Of Iwo Jima in 2010 and then nothing. The band has remained silent for the last ten years, not sure why, but has now returned with Mirrors And Screens.

Being Italian, the lyrics and storylines of the songs are every bit as important as the music and this is yet another band that trades in heavy metal with fantasy elements making up much of the subject matter. The band does seem a little heavier on this new album on which they flirt with power metal but the main flavour is hard rock in the traditional old school sense and you get the feeling that it has grown out of a collective love of Iron Maiden but also pulls in influences from Accept, Running Wild and there is even a little AC/DC happening due to similarities in vocal delivery. 

Now, this is also a band with a love of nicknames with the line-up being Luigi ‘Gigi’ Bonansea on vocals, Stefano ‘Pooma’ Pomero and Gabriele ‘Gabr’ Bruni on guitars, Samuele ‘Peyo’ Peirano on bass and Fabio ‘Smaro’ Smareglia on drums. Bonansea, Pomero and Smareglia are all original members whilst Bruni is back in his second stint in the band so they have a lot of experience together and this reflects in the quality of their playing as they are all excellent musicians and Bonansea is a great rock vocalist with that deep and grizzled ‘whisky and cigarettes’ delivery and is a perfect frontman for the band.

AnthenorA is another band that delights with a twin guitar attack as both guitarists trade lick for lick over furious drums and bass as they deliver anthemic rock that is best listened to when played in front of thousands of fans with raised clenched fists punching the air in synchronised fashion and everything cranked to the max. Mirrors And Screens is a welcome return from a classic rock band that puts a smile on your face with their rock and roll that is delivered with style and panache.

Mirrors And Screens track list

  1. Intro (1:02)
  2. Tiresias (4:06)
  3. Alive (4:36)
  4. 30th (4:29)
  5. Digital Feelings (5:07)
  6. Funny Fricky Killer (5:18)
  7. Bully Lover (4:41)
  8.  Low Hero (4:04)
  9. No Easy Way Out (4:39)
  10. Like (4:17)
  11. Peter Pan (4:37)
  12. No… So What!?! (4:49)
  13. War & Peace (5:50)