December 26, 2020

Portuguese melodic death metal titans APOTHEUS have released a new video for Save Our Ship, which is taken off from their latest release The Far Star. Heavily inspired from Asimov sci-fi stories, APOTHEUS creates their own world which they describe in music and in a physical book. With the global pandemic, withdrawn from the stages, the band enters Redbox studios studio to record an raw intimate performance.

Save Our Ship is a song about obstacles, however it is also about overcoming those same obstacles. We think that, given the circumstances in which we currently live, this topic becomes even more relevant. This song comes from our latest The Far Star and is a part of a more comprehensive story. In this story, as in real life, obstacles become part of what defines us. We too, in the present, will have to overcome this obstacle that haunts us now so much. We need to learn from it, and make our future a brighter one. As a way of lamenting, but never giving up, we decided to put our uniforms aside and record our most raw and heartfelt performance to date.”

The Far Star track list

  1. Prelude
  2. Caves Of Steel 
  3. Redshift
  4. Resolve To Remake
  5. The Darkest Sun
  6. The Pull Of Plexeus
  7. Save Our Ship
  8. Under A New Cloudy Sky
  9. The Brightest Sun
  10. Staring The Abyss
  11. A New Beginning