June 16, 2021

We have to pop back in time 10-years as this re-release of A New Day by Arachnes which was originally put out in 2011 and is now being re-released for the tenth anniversary and, according to the record label, this is the first time it has been available on CD which is almost unbelievable.

Arachnes is a progressive metal band from Milan, Italy which was formed in 1995 by the Caruso brothers (Enzo on vocals and Frank on guitars) when they disbanded their hard rock band, Firehouse, to form this new progressive metal band. They released the debut, The Goddess Temple, in 1997 with A New Day being the bands sixth full release and last to date so nothing from them since then so I’m not sure if they are still a functioning unit or have disbanded. The publicity states numerous influences like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Yes and even Miles Davis, Bach and Chopin which is an impressive and eclectic list of influences for the band to take on board. I haven’t heard any of the other albums that Arachnes has put out but there is only one name you need to know as a musical reference for A New Day which is Dream Theater because it sounds exactly like the bands early albums and vocalist Enzo Caruso is a ringer for James LaBrie. I know some people throw up their hands in horror at scenarios like this and bemoan the lack of originality but I look at it completely the other way. I love Dream Theater and everything that they do and the fact that Arachnes sound so much like DT then becomes a win/win situation as it is another band that I know I am going to like and Arachnes really do play progressive metal very well.

If you love complex and technical metal with keyboard and guitar solos aplenty then you are surely going to love the band and the album. Very much Dream Theater of Images And Words/Awake era, this is an enjoyable romp through all things prog metal but I understand that the physical release will be limited so it is another one to move quickly on. There is more than enough here to keep you entertained and this will most certainly lead to an investigation of the band’s other albums too.

A New Day track list

  1. Psychedelic Trip (Intro) (0:43)
  2. I Know The Darkness (5:03)
  3. Big Hearth (3:54)
  4. I’m Sorry (4:17)
  5. Into The Fog (4:59)
  6. Magic World (3:26)
  7. My Face Is Hard (3:45)
  8. Running in an Old Town (4:22)
  9. Take Your Life (4:24)
  10. Parallel Worlds (orchestral version) (2:05)
  11. The Reason of the Things (3:23)
  12. Your Death (4:40)
  13. Fireball (Deep Purple cover) (3:38)
  14. First Of All (bonus track) (3:50)