February 15, 2020

Another new project by Frontiers and one that will be universally welcomed is this thrilling debut by Archon Angel which is a combining of the talents of producer and guitarist Aldo Lonobile from Italian symphonic power metal band Secret Sphere and vocalist Zak Stevens. Yes, the Zak Stevens of Savatage, Circle II Circle, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Machines Of Grace fame and with that you can rest assured that this is a heavy rock album that you must possess. If you are unaware of Savatage and Circle II Circle, two of the greatest metal bands to come out of America, then you should rectify this immediately as they have produced many albums that will quite simply blow you away.

Lonobile and Stevens first met when working on the Return To Eden album from Timo Tolkki’s Avalon and they chatted over a few musical ideas. This ultimately led to Lonobile working on concepts reminiscent of early Savatage which quickly brought Stevens on board and thus we have this magnificent album to delight in. Also involved in the song writing process are Simone Mularoni (DGM/Sweet Oblivion) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (no surprise there) who is Aldo’s colleague in Edge Of Forever. There is a core concept at the root of the album with the Archon being an angelic figure responsible for taking messages from the people of Earth to God. A concept is a fine addition to a rock album but, ultimately, it is all about the music and this is where and album soars or fails. No such worries here as the guys writing the songs are some of the best writers around and Lonobile is a guitarist who deserves to be far better known on the world stage as his skills are prodigious and this, combined with the talented Yves Campion on bass, Marco Lazzarini on drums and Antonio Agate on keyboards make for a truly great rock album. Then, of course, we have Zak Stevens a man who can simply do no wrong and a singer who bring sheer class to any project he is involved with.

With both Savatage and Circle II Circle being dormant at the moment, Archon Angel is the best place to sample the talents of this great heavy metal singer and he does not disappoint with his power, might and majesty, truly a God amongst men. Fallen is a fabulous album of powerful heavy metal with epic songs, wonderful melody and harmonies, guitar to die for and a true star peerless on vocals, an absolutely essential release.