July 28, 2022

Ardours began life in 2015 as a project put together by the Italian multi-instrumentalist and producer Kris Laurent and his fellow Italian vocalist Mariangela Demurtas from the Norwegian Goth /Death metal band Tristania. Demurtas wanted more control over her musical direction being still keen to pursue music with a Gothic slant but was also drawn to ’80s themed alt-rock with Laurent being the ideal musician to help her bring her ambitions to life. For sure, the debut album Last Place On Earth which came out in 2019 was an atmospheric Goth inspired album but more Goth-lite if you get my drift with the music being upbeat and inspiring with the beautifully clear and precise voice of Demurtas being a real revelation especially as there was a distinct absence of the dirty vocals which I found a little too distracting on her work with Tristania (just my personal observation as I am not overly keen on dark vocals).

Musically, imagine early The Gathering and Lacuna Coil to get a flavour of their sound with Laurent supplying all guitars, bass and keyboards and drums courtesy of Hugo Ribeiro. Tarald Lie and Demurtas wrote the lyrics with the music being a band collaboration with Laurent being a major musical talent and a supremely gifted guitarist. Of course, it is Mariangela Demurtas who really catches your attention with her voice being truly exquisite and emotion filled.

The debut was an immediate accessible album and showed that the band has the talent as musicians and song writers to continue to grow and develop ever upwards with Anatomy Of A Moment showing a huge step forward. The music remains radio friendly and even shows something of a leaning into Florence & The Machine territory which should expand their popularity.

Please give this vital and mature album a listen and you’ll soon be hooked on the songs and the voice of the delightful Mariangela Demurtas.

Anatomy Of A Moment

  1. Epitaph For A Spark (5:06)
  2. Insomniac (5:03)
  3. Identified (5:06)
  4. Secret Worlds (4:49)
  5. Cold Revenge (3:42)
  6. Given (4:12)
  7. Anatomy Of A Moment (4:33)
  8. Dead Weight (4:55)
  9. Unannounced (4:51)
  10. Chasing Whispers (4:18)