April 21, 2023

Award-winning American singer-songwriter and guitarist Arielle releases her new studio album ‘73 today, Friday 21 April 2023. The album is available from https://arielle.store/collections/73-pre-order.

The new album is a sentiment of love and an personal ode to her beloved 1973 Volkswagen Bay Window Bus that Arielle lovingly refers to as “Magick”, and a celebration of its 50 years of existence. Mixing classic rock, the songwriting of the sixties, wanderlust, and plenty of The Who-inspired guitar work, Arielle’s new studio album ’73 is set to stun. “I bought my bus because every time I step into it, I feel like it’s a time machine,” says Arielle. “every time I step in, it takes me back to ’73.”

We’ve also previously reported Arielle’s special guest appearance on When Rivers Meet’s April and May 2023 UK tour, so right now she’s a very busy girl! Tickets for the tour are still available from https://imarielle.com/tour.


Born in the US, but a self-proclaimed wanderer, Arielle began studying music at the age of five. A child prodigy, she attained a degree from Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, and continued her education at London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. Discovered in 2010 by Extreme’s guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, she signed with an American indie record label called ‘Open E’. In the years that followed, she made a name for herself touring throughout North America and the UK, opening, and playing with Heart, Joan Jett, Graham Nash, Country Joe McDonald, Joe Bonamassa, Guns N’ Roses, members of Deep Purple, Billy Ray Cyrus, Eric Johnson, Gregg Allman, Keith Urban and Cee Lo Green, which included a main stage slot at Coachella.

At the age of 18, Arielle was handpicked by guitarist Brian May for a key role in the London-based musical “We Will Rock You” – a production based on the songs of his band Queen. From the cover of Guitar Player Magazine, to being recognized by country superstar Vince Gill as one of the ‘Top 5 Best New Guitarists,’ to being cast as a guitar player on the hit TV show Nashville, to ascending to No. 3 on the CMT Pure chart with the song “California,” as well as being featured on vocals and guitar on the new Joe Bonamassa documentary “Guitar Man” with the credit track. She has released 9 albums/EP’s, one
of which placed in 11 chart genres in 2017 independently, including #3 in the Heatseekers Chart.

The first single and title track ‘73, released in January, is available to stream and download from https://hypeddit.com/arielle/73single.
Watch the music video for ’73 below!

The album features her BMG Arielle in cherry red; manufactured by Brian May Guitars. The first quantity of the BMG Arielle guitars sold out in 90 minutes.
“To understand why this guitar was irresistible to me, you need to hold her in your hands,” says Arielle. “The guitar is light, and smooth and agile. The BMG Arielle sings like a bird.” “Arielle’s guitar playing reaches places I never knew existed,” says Brian May. “I believe this guitar will do the same.”

Arielle – and some gate-crasher!

Arielle is a young woman born in a different generation. As a child of the new millennium, Arielle has often faced depression, as opposed to the sense of adventure, positive vibes and musical creativity that emerged in the 1960s and the 1970s – a time where things were done by hand, with a level of craft that could not be hidden behind technology.

A self-proclaimed analogue girl, it’s Arielle’s personal prerogative to keep the vintage vibes alive. Doting her retro Marshall full stacks, recording her tracks to tape and her selfbuilt customized guitar Two-Tone, rest assured, the 21st century isn’t subverting Classic Rock any time soon.

The album starts with a dinky little number called The Dulcet – 45 seconds of a sort of Brian May-esque guitar intro which then morphs into Somewhere Slow, a tuneful boogie that reminds us to take our time and smell the roses on our journeys, exhorting us to sometimes take the slow road. It’s also got a definite touch of ZZ Top to my ears, can’t be bad!

‘73 is the title track of the album, and a love song to Arielle’s 1973 VW bus. It’s certainly a classy retro sound-mix with some great fast-paced, blues-rock with some sumptuous slide guitar, the proverbial rock-steady beat. A really simple song, perfect single material, a slab of summer! Nice percussive bridge section as well!

Goes Without Saying is next, and it really hugely reminds me of Tom Petty’s minor chord sequences on his beloved Rickenbacker – you can almost hear him covering this, bless him….it’s a lovely song about a paradoxical break-up of things assumed in life – the sun setting at night, the tides ebbing and flowing. Lovely melody, Arielle’s voice sounds smoother and richer than ever before. A great track altogether.

The Way You Look At Me is a slower bluesy number, inspired by Arielle’s time in the blues capitol of Austin, Texas. A standard arrangement, but again her voice rings clear and her guitar is tastefully noodling away in the background. In contrast, Weakness For You is an almost acoustic country number, complete with slightly cheesy whistling! Half-way through, Arielle unleashes a really tasty chunk of her trademark electric guitar lines, very fluid, very fine! This certainly captures that sense of cinematic soundscape!

Kalypso is next, a real banger of a guitar workout with slabs of reverb, some great fuzzed lines, the obligatory keys bubbling away in the background, an altogether funky tune that just gets meatier and meatier. The tone of the guitar work here is to die for, so smooth, morphing into heavyweight blues-rock…it’s a veritable masterclass in delicious lead licks, and you can feel the rest of the band having a real Ball with this! Great stuff, guitar-wise the core track on this album.

The mood changes completely with I Need an Angel, a sad, simple ballad, just her and her guitar to start with before a restrained backing arrangement comes along. More simple yet sumptuous guitar licks – less is definitely more on this track. Another twist in mood unleashes That’s Just Lonely, an upbeat rocky number that Pete Townsend would be proud of. Variations in pace and vibe coupled to a nice fat sound make this a satisfying listen. The Other Side (Let The Sun Set Down) continues this upbeat, clean rocky arrangement, controlled aggression from her guitar counterbalancing punchy percussion, booming bass, this is a tasty full-on band performance that fades and returns to a big ending.

‘If’ is a cover of one of Arielle’s all-time favourite songs, the original being penned by David Gates of Bread fame. Just her and some understated guitar, nicely done. Wherever We Go from Here is the album’s closing track, described by Arielle as being inspired by The Who’s “This Song Is Over.” And she does a damn fine job of honouring and respecting her 70’s influences! She certainly has a knack for capturing the essence of those mid-seventies vibes and mixes, this track in particular could easily have been part of the song-set for Who’s Next or The Who By Numbers, two of my all-time Great Albums.

So! – All Power To The Girl! This is a nicely varied selection of great songs that are certainly inspired by the late 60’s and 70’s whilst savouring a fresh contemporary mix to the arrangements.

Arielle – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic and Electric guitar, Synths, Percussion
Devin North – Bass Guitar
Michael Davila – Drums
Joe Listrom – Piano (songs 5+ 7)
Loren Gold- Piano (song 8)
Adam Peri- Hammond, Piano, Synths

The first single ’73, released in January.