June 10, 2021

Polish female-fronted band Arshenic announced the release of four new singles which will be released every month. The first single is already out and can be heard below.

Each track will differ in style and heaviness, which will not be a surprise for those who have heard Final Collision. Arshenic designs it’s own music genre creates a variety of compositions, referring to alternative metal, Nordic folk, dark rock metalcore, or nu-metal, which, while maintaining the average tempo of the songs, combining clean vocals with the addition of screams and growls, gives a heavy, dark, but also very melodic sound of the whole. The new releases are characterized by the use of non-standard time signatures that give the songs a progressive sound. The goal was to create something new that would surprise the listener, but would also follow the path set by the greatest of their genre.

Last year, at the beginning of the pandemic, Arshenic released a cover of Where Did You Sleep Last Night, along with a music video shot on the cliffs of Polish most cinematic beach. The same year, Ofilia, the band’s vocalist, was nominated by an international jury for the Best Clean Vocal 2020 FemMetal – Female Goddesses of Metal award, after which she was awarded first place in this category.

The first song which was released on June 4 is Bloodsucker.. Bloodsucker is an energetic, rock-metal track. The beginning of which is inspired by the atmosphere of old-school metal bands such as Motorhead, Alice Cooper, or AC / DC, combined with the melodiousness of nu-metal and contemporary electronics. At the band’s climax, the song turns into a progressive ballad with a post-rock vibe, vocals with a classic and musical feel. As a result, we have a one-of-a-kind piece that not only immediately catches the ear, but also surprises with its form.

July 2 –  Extraterrestrial – is a heavy, unpredictable piece with non-standard divisions, for connoisseurs of heavy and strange music. Strong guitars combined with whispers give a psychedelic effect, which increases when it enters another riff, based on djent guitars and the screaming question: did you take your drugs? The heaviness is calmed by a pleasant to the ear, melodic chorus, the lyrics of which refers to abductions by UFOs. It’s a song for non-obvious combination fans and seekers of fresh, modern solutions.

August 6 –  Black Goat – a track inspired by progressive metal in the style of Deftones or Katatonia, combined with alternative metal and gutturals in the chorus. For metal fans who like non-standard connections and nostalgic mood. The lyrics of the song tell the story of complicated family relations.

September 3 –  Lucid – progressive meter, multi-layered vocals referring to Nordic folk in the style of bands such as Wardruna or Eivor and catchy chorus with metalcore guitars. The tribal and apocalyptic sound of the song emphasizes the meaning of the song’s lyrics question and statement: They will bring us the end…?