May 18, 2021

Today, 18 May, is International Museum Day – and in order to celebrate this and underline the importance of Art and Science working together to promote the cultural development in the Ukraine, as well as worldwide, Sinoptik have released a new music video for the song ‘The Call’, a 9 minute offering taken from the band’s new album, filmed at The Sergei Korolev National Space Museum in Ukraine. 

Not to be confused with Sinoptik’s new album The Calling, due out on 11 June 2021!

Fusing together 1970’s occult rock influences with huge stadium rock production and psychedelic prog soundscapes – Ukrainian Rock trio Sinoptik manage to pay homage to the classic era of rock bands whilst injecting a contemporary edge that makes their songs truly unforgettable, but also unmistakably Sinoptik. 



“I like the fact they’ve got a keyboard effect that YES would have used in the 70’s, but made it sound really contemporary. So YES sound effects meets contemporary rock”
Wyatt Wendels – Planet Rock Radio

“This is your best bet… well-produced, & I can’t help but think ”Jimi Hendrix Experience”, but with a 21st Century DYNAMO vibe.” 
Dick Metcalf, Editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

 “Sounds a bit like the Chemical Brothers covering a movement from Pink Floyd‘s Echoes.” 
Huffington Post, Tim Thornton

Sinoptik is: Dmitriy Afanasiev (guitar, keys, vox); Ruslan Babayev (drums); Aleksandr Savin (bass)

Vocalist/guitarist Dmitriy Afanasiev says this about ‘The Call’ –
“‘The Call’, as well as the album title ‘The Calling’, is dedicated to the one who calls and to the one who hears the call. To the ones who sacrificed everything for their dreams and hopes, and proved that anything is possible.”

Dmitriy also remarks about the location where the video was filmed –  “It took us a long time to figure out how to maximise the conceptual depth of a song this long and to find a place with iconic status. Space exploration is an important part of our country’s culture, and we believe that the museum was the perfect place to remind the whole world where human space exploration began. People have stopped looking into the night sky, they’ve stopped dreaming … and we want to remind them that this is vital for our civilisation to move forward.”

Sinoptik’s new album “The Calling” will be released on June 11th 2021 via OneRPM and is now available for pre-order HERE


 Influenced by acts such as Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, what SINOPTIK manage to bring to the table sonically is not only a brilliantly executed album, but also a record full of emotion, good intention and intimate lyrics seldom heard in this genre.

Led by their thirst to compose larger than life rock songs with meaning behind them – SINOPTIK learned to adapt to their surroundings and adopted a strong DIY attitude when it comes to making their music. With four albums under their belt, countless live shows in their home country and even winning the ‘Best Band In The World’ Award at the 2016 ‘Global Battle of The Bands’ in Berlin, Germany – they are finally ready to step into the international spotlight with the release of The Calling.

From the upbeat metaphoric rock anthem Apple Tree, to the nine minute long ballad The Call, to their most recent single Sell God‘s Number, where the video was filmed at the Korostyshev Boarding School for children with mental and physical disabilities – it‘s clear that the band members have a lot to get off their chests and are not afraid to say and play it loud.

Hailing from the conflict ridden region of Donetsk, Ukraine, alongside their friends in the groove metal band JINJER, the band chose to move to the Kiev in search of a safer and more secure life, but the scars of political conflict followed them. This strange paradox of being a stranger in their own country is documented in their first single Black Soul Man, a song that not only oozes a 70’s classic occult rock vibe but speaks directly about the oppression, mistreatment and constant misunderstanding they are confronted with on a daily basis.

The Calling“ was produced and recorded in their own studio by singer/guitarist Dmitriy Afanasiev and the record is more of a concept album for him. “For me the songs, as well as the title are like a reminder for every traveler, warrior, driver, doctor, or even parent … that when you leave, there is someone waiting for you when you get to where you are going. If you lose someone dear to you, remind yourself that they are waiting for you to catch up. That’s ‘The Calling’.” 

Dmitry also adds, “It’s also a story about a man, who strived to achieve his dream his whole life, but when he finally reached it, he realized that in the race to get there that he didn’t pay attention to the important things in his life. Each song describes various life cycles / life stages of this main hero. From his childhood up until reaching his dream. And in the end it is unclear, whether he will die or hear the call… That’s also ‘The Calling’… That’s the universe doing its thing.”

SINOPTIK’s go big or go home mentality may not have re-invented the wheel with “The Calling” but they have certainly made an album that is so musically refreshing and lyrically pure that it will surely become a classic album in more than a few tours around the globe.

Track List for The Calling

1 – Le menteur
2 – Granny Greta
 3 – Young and High
4 – Inception
5 – Apple Tree
6 – Black Soul Man
 7 – Sell God’s Number
8 – Absolution
 9 – The Call