October 30, 2020

This new Australian/US band based in Los Angeles is sure to cause something of a stir in the rock world as it has been put together by bassist Garry Beers one of the founding members of INXS and quite simply one of the finest bands ever out of Australia.

Now located to LA, Beers has put together a pretty neat team which features the sublime vocal skills of Toby Rand, a singer that Beers compares most favourably band with the late Michael Hutchence, and he does indeed sound very similar to the great man. The band also features the excellent guitar skills of Jimmy Khoury and he gives the band quite real edge with his tight playing and expansive riffing. The material on display here is emotion filled anthemic rock on which Toby Rand gives a real Paul Rodger’s inspired master class on how to deliver touching and impassioned rock vocals. This is the first part of a double EP set with Umbra 2 now most eagerly awaited.

This is heavenly rock with pop sensibilities and will appeal across genres but especially to those who are into bands similar to Elbow, Stereophonics and Athlete.

Umbra 1 track list

  1. Dustbowl (4:06)
  2. Mosquito (3:49)
  3. Future Kings & Queens (3:45)
  4. Without Faith (5:12)
  5. You Broke Yourself Again (4:20)
  6. Dustbowl (Acoustic) (3:54)
  7. Mosquito (Acoustic (3:47)