Author: Graeme Stroud

Graeme is a published author and journalist, having been an interviewer, reviewer and feature writer for the Classic Rock Society for five years. A multi-instrumentalist, he also records original, instrumental music under the name Chalkhill Blue.

Joanne Shaw-Taylor – The Blues Album (KTBA Records)

It seems that every new release in the wide world of blues rock these days has Joe Bonamassa’s fingerprints on it somewhere. Not that that’s a bad thing – on the contrary, as well as being the world’s foremost blues guitarist, his mentoring and production skills and marketing acumen seem to sprinkle a little stardust..

Interview with Jeff Carlisi (38 Special)

Where’s the dot? Everyone knows it’s DOT 38 Special… I can hear you out there, muttering under your breath about the lack of journalistic rigour. “Where’s the dot?” I hear you say. “Everyone knows it’s DOT 38 Special, because the band was named after the Smith & Wesson .38 Special bullet casing. Why, there’s a..

Eric Bibb – Dear America (Provogue / Mascot)

I don’t know about you, but I love it when unfashionable genres of music are revived and gain popularity with a new generation. We have already seen the resurgence of prog, long dismissed as a dinosaur genre or outrageously pompous, closely followed by the resurrection of the concept album, which had been considered anathema for..

Dead Man’s Whiskey – Breakout EP

In May 2017, a young and idealistically naïve London hard rock band released their debut album. Wrapped up in an obsession with the old west, and more specifically in the legend of Wild Bill Hickock, the youngsters named their band Dead Man’s Whiskey and their album, Under The Gun. In common with a lot of..

Robert Jon And The Wreck – Shine A Light On Me Brother

Hailing from Southern California, the veritable home of cool, Robert Jon Burrison and his band of rockers have been releasing albums, mini-albums and EPs since 2011. Listeners to Planet Rock may well be familiar with the lead single, Oh Miss Carolina, from last year’s album Last Light On The Highway, which could have made massive..