Author: Graeme Stroud

Graeme is a published author and journalist, having been an interviewer, reviewer and feature writer for the Classic Rock Society for five years. A multi-instrumentalist, he also records original, instrumental music under the name Chalkhill Blue.

Dan Patlansky – Shelter Of Bones (Virgin)

The Covid crisis has been a heavy burden for the music industry, especially for the heavy giggers, but it has also given many musicians a lot of time and space to work on their art. South African guitar maestro Dan Patlansky takes the view that an album is a snapshot of the musician’s life at..

Steve Vai – Inviolate (Favored Nations / Mascot)

If you are a fan of virtuoso musicianship, you will find this one hard to match… There aren’t enough superlatives in the English language to describe Steve Vai’s technical mastery of the guitar. As it happens, this is the album that shouldn’t have been – early in the pandemic, Vai was already deep into a..

Eric Gales – Crown (Provogue / Mascot)

My name is Eric Gales. Any questions? Eric Gales is one of those guitarists who, like Jeff Healey, plays his guitar all wrong, but it sounds so right. The left-hander plays his right-handed Strat left-handed and upside-down, building on the spirit of Hendrix with incendiary licks and charismatic stage craft. If it hadn’t been for..