Author: Graeme Stroud

Graeme is a published author and journalist, having been an interviewer, reviewer and feature writer for the Classic Rock Society for five years. A multi-instrumentalist, he also records original, instrumental music under the name Chalkhill Blue.

Bernie Marsden – Chess (Conquest)

Veteran blues-rocker Bernie Marsden has just released his second blues solo album in one year. Chess, released on November 26th, is the follow-up to his Kings album from July 23rd, in which he specifically paid homage to Albert King, BB King and Freddie King, three of the most influential blues guitarists in history – the..

Paul Gilbert – ‘Twas (The Players Club / Mascot)

For those familiar with Gilbert’s metal-based guitar shredding technique, the idea of him releasing an album of Christmas covers might seem a little twee. Others though, might see it as a great opportunity for a loud and proud karaoke singalong to a bunch of familiar party tunes played at full volume. They would both be..

Davy Knowles – the interview

Chinese food goes everywhere and gets stepped on and everyone’s crying… The Isle of Man is a miniature country that carves its own way in the world. Parked out in the Irish Sea between Scotland and Northern Ireland, part of the British Isles but no member of the United Kingdom, it has its own government..

Joe Bonamassa – Time Clocks (Provogue / Mascot)

Blues guitar hero Joe Bonamassa’s live and studio output has been prodigious in recent years. Add in his business and charitable ventures, and it’s clear that he likes to keep himself busy. Nevertheless, it’s the studio albums that are the real highlights, presenting new material that is reworked and moulded into his live shows. Trouble..

Davy Knowles – What Happens Next (Provogue / Mascot)

If you’re struggling to place the name, it’s possible that you know Manxman Davy Knowles from his band Back Door Slam, which released a slew of albums and EPs between 2007 and 2009. Knowles released some more recordings with a different band under the name Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam, and then went full..

Joanne Shaw-Taylor – The Blues Album (KTBA Records)

It seems that every new release in the wide world of blues rock these days has Joe Bonamassa’s fingerprints on it somewhere. Not that that’s a bad thing – on the contrary, as well as being the world’s foremost blues guitarist, his mentoring and production skills and marketing acumen seem to sprinkle a little stardust..