Author: Graeme Stroud

Graeme is a published author and journalist, having been an interviewer, reviewer and feature writer for the Classic Rock Society for five years. A multi-instrumentalist, he also records original, instrumental music under the name Chalkhill Blue.

Ashley Sherlock – Just A Name (Ruf Records)

Manchester singer/songwriter Ashley Sherlock released his first, self-titled EP in 2019, followed by a second, named If You’re Listening, in 2021. Now he fronts a power trio signed to Ruf Records, and they have unveiled their first full-length album, Just A Name. In addition to writing the lyrics and fronting the band, Sherlock also plays..

Lukather – Bridges (The Players Club / Mascot)

Question: We all know that Eddie van Halen played that iconic guitar solo on Michael Jackson's Beat It – but who played rhythm guitar? If you answered Steve Lukather from Toto, give yourself a shiny. Californian axe hero Lukather had been a respected session guitarist way before being called up as a founder member of..

Jan James – Time Bomb (Blue Palace Records)

Michigan-born soul and blues singer Jan James started writing lyrics for guitarist Craig Calvert’s music over three decades ago, bringing out her first album Last Train in 1992. Relocating to Chicago, they have become stalwarts of the musical scene, and the intervening 30 years have seen the partnership produce 12 albums, culminating in this latest..

Gary Moore – The Sanctuary Years 1999-2004 (BMG)

Gary Moore’s label history is quite complicated. He had been with Virgin and/or its subsidiaries throughout the 1980s and ‘90s, but jumped ship to Castle Music for his mould-breaking 1999 album A Different Beat. Via a complex series of business acquisitions, Castle was swallowed up by Sanctuary the following year, with the rights now owned..

Ivy Gold – Broken Silence (A1 Records / Golden Ivy Records)

Ivy Gold is a multi-national rock band formed in 2020 by German guitarist Sebastien Eder, formerly of hard rock band Avalon, with beauteous Austrian lyricist and singer Manou. Having recruited bassist Kevin Moore from New York, drummer Tal Bergman from the US West Coast and keyboardist Anders Olinder from the UK, they released their debut..

The John Williams Syndicate – Into The Light (Wulfrun)

The vocals are credited to none other than Petula Clark... Is that the John Williams? I hear you cry. Well, that depends on who you think the John Williams is. Do you mean the Australian classical guitarist of Cavatina fame, who was instrumental in forming ‘80s classical/rock crossover band Sky? No, it’s not him. What..

The Schwager-Oliver Quintet – Senza Resa (Cellar Live)

Guitarist Reg Schwager and sax supremo Ryan Oliver are two top jazz musicians currently residing in Canada, both sporting a list of credits as long as your proverbial arm. Born in the Netherlands, Schwager has been playing professionally since he was 15, having collaborated with such luminaries as Mel Tormé and Diana Krall amongst others,..