Author: Graeme Stroud

Graeme is a published author and journalist, having been an interviewer, reviewer and feature writer for the Classic Rock Society for five years. A multi-instrumentalist, he also records original, instrumental music under the name Chalkhill Blue.

Dead Man’s Whiskey – Breakout EP

In May 2017, a young and idealistically naïve London hard rock band released their debut album. Wrapped up in an obsession with the old west, and more specifically in the legend of Wild Bill Hickock, the youngsters named their band Dead Man’s Whiskey and their album, Under The Gun. In common with a lot of..

Robert Jon And The Wreck – Shine A Light On Me Brother

Hailing from Southern California, the veritable home of cool, Robert Jon Burrison and his band of rockers have been releasing albums, mini-albums and EPs since 2011. Listeners to Planet Rock may well be familiar with the lead single, Oh Miss Carolina, from last year’s album Last Light On The Highway, which could have made massive..

Jump – The Myth Remastered

OK, so this is the story. One swelteringly hot day in 1994, a hard-working Buckinghamshire band named Jump was playing its fourth gig of the week, entertaining the punters at the premiere of a film called Brave, based on Marillion’s urban concept album of the same name. The other act at the event was American..

Troy Redfern – The Fire Cosmic (RED7 Records)

Anyone familiar with Troy Redfern solely from his 2015 and 2017 releases may well think of him as a country blues rocker. Check out the video for The Line from 2017’s Dirt Blues Ritual, and you’ll see Troy in full Grand Ole Opry Regalia, complete with bootlace bow tie, black leather Stetson and an echo-heavy..

Quinn Sullivan

Oh my god, I'm about to go on stage with Buddy Guy... It’s a big deal when a blues legend like Buddy Guy plays in your home town. It’s an even bigger deal if you have the kind of dad who takes you to meet him backstage at a gig when you’re still of kindergarten..