Author: Laurence Todd

An ex-teacher and a long-time music obsessive who has a wide and varied taste in music, with favourite acts including Genesis (with Gabriel), Rush, Riverside, Mute Gods, Camel, CSNY and The Beatles, to name a few. His work has appeared in Record Collector, Shindig and Ramzine, For his sins he's also a Spurs fan.

THE TANGENT – To Follow Polaris (InsideOut)

The original title of this album was to be Tangent For One because, although the album is being released under the band’s name, this is actually an Andy Tillison solo album in that, not only did he write all the songs, he also played all the instruments, which meant having to learn how to play..

BACKSTAGE PASS – Harvey Lee (Book Review)

Anyone who’s ever been ‘anyone’ in the music business - and even those who have aspired to be someone in the music business but didn’t make it - has their own version of a story to tell, no matter how exaggerated or far from the truth the story might be. Harvey Lee is no exception,..

KEITH EMERSON – Variations (Cherry Red)

This is currently a good time to be a fan of Keith Emerson. In autumn 2022, Rocket88 publications put out Keith Emerson; the Official Illustrated Story, written by journalist and long-time friend Chris Welch, and considered to be possibly the last word on Keith’s life, and now comes Variations, which is a 20 (!!) CD career-spanning..


After a five year hiatus, when Ms Amy Birks and her two companions took a temporary leave of each other, The Beatrix Players are back in the game and with a sparkling new album. The two other players, her old muckers Helena Dove and Tony Manning, return to the fold, but this time inside an..