Author: Laurence Todd

An ex-teacher and a long-time music obsessive who has a wide and varied taste in music, with favourite acts including Genesis (with Gabriel), Rush, Riverside, Mute Gods, Camel, CSNY and The Beatles, to name a few. His work has appeared in Record Collector, Shindig and Ramzine, For his sins he's also a Spurs fan.

NANNA BARSLEV – Lysbaerer (By Norse Music)

Dark Nordic folk artist Nanna Barslev has been a feature of the scene for quite some while, previously fronting acts such as folk black metal band Huldre and folk band Asynje, but has now decided the time is right to come up with her debut album as a solo act. Her career to date as..

FLOWER KINGS – By Royal Decree (InsideOut Music)

After the release of Desolation Rose in 2013, there was no activity from The Flower Kings for a number of years, and with both Roine Stolt and Jonas Reingold active with other bands, the assumption was we’d heard the last from the band. But, to the surprise of many, they returned in 2019 with Waiting..

STRAWBS – The Broken Hearted Bride (Esoteric / Cherry Red)

Originally released in 2008, The Broken Hearted Bride saw a reunion of the Strawbs line-up which had recorded albums like Hero & Heroine and Ghosts, both of which did well in the US, and reawakened interest in the band. It’s been unavailable in recent years but has now been remastered, reissued and includes previously unreleased..

JETHRO TULL – The Zealot Gene (InsideOut)

While Ian Anderson hasn’t exactly been idle when it comes to releasing albums in recent years, solo or otherwise, The Zealot Gene is the first new studio Jethro Tull album since 2003 - and while band members come and go, including while recording this album, Ian continues to lead the band in whatever direction he..


Sia Live isn’t an official live release from Solstice as such, it’s a special online edition sent out to fans and supporters of the band, recorded over two gigs at the Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes, with one being a ‘secret’ gig on 27th June 2021 and the other at the same venue on 4th September. ..