Author: Laurence Todd

An ex-teacher and a long-time music obsessive who has a wide and varied taste in music, with favourite acts including Genesis (with Gabriel), Rush, Riverside, Mute Gods, Camel, CSNY and The Beatles, to name a few. His work has appeared in Record Collector, Shindig and Ramzine, For his sins he's also a Spurs fan.


Sia Live isn’t an official live release from Solstice as such, it’s a special online edition sent out to fans and supporters of the band, recorded over two gigs at the Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes, with one being a ‘secret’ gig on 27th June 2021 and the other at the same venue on 4th September. ..

ASIA – The Official Live Bootlegs, Vol. 1 (BMG)

Looking for something different, as the times were most definitely a-changing in 1981, four stellar talents - Geoffrey Downes (keys), Steve Howe (gtr), Carl Palmer (drums) and John Wetton (bass & vocals) - formed what was then described as a ‘supergroup’ and, in 1982, they hit the ground running with their eponymously titled debut album,..

THE KORGIS – Kartoon World (Korgi Music)

'The world is heading for a colossal fall and it’s the power of love .. not technology .. which is the one indisputable answer.' This is the manifesto of The Korgis and it’s the theme which permeates the whole of Kartoon World, the band’s first new album release since 1992’s  The World Is For Everyone...

PYE HASTINGS: ‘Who Does He Think He Is?’ – Caravan main man on matters past, present and future

PHOTOS: Carl Glover Scottish-born but forever to be associated with Canterbury and the ‘Canterbury Scene’, Julian ‘Pye’ Hastings is guitarist, vocalist and main songwriter with legendary prog band Caravan, a band which grew out of the remnants of seminal Canterbury band The Wilde Flowers in 1968. He’s now the only ever-present member on Caravan’s long..

CARAVAN – It’s None Of Your Business (Madfish)

Following hot on the heels of their recently released 37-disc box set, Caravan release their first studio album since 2013’s Paradise Filter, a collection of nine songs plus a short instrumental; an album the band claim is mainly influenced by ‘the restrictions imposed on society over the past eighteen months.’ None Of Your Business was,..