Author: Lorne Murphy

Charming, handsome, brilliant and humble Canadian. Wine lover and Monty Python fanatic. Prog, jazz, rock and metal listener for most of his fifty one years. Only vaguely aware of anything else going on.

Nektar – Recycled – Expanded and Remastered

Flies by in the blink of an eye... not a skipper track to be found, and sounds spectacular... The Nektar reissue campaign from Esoteric continues with an expanded box set release of one of their most beloved albums. 1975's ambitious Recycled was a flowing concept piece warning of - and foreshadowing - environmental damage to..

Big Big Train – The Likes of Us (InsideOut)

Despite its fragility and more introspective shades, The Likes of Us ticks all the boxes... Here beginneth a new chapter in the ongoing saga of Big Big Train. The band's 15th album The Likes of Us is to be unveiled on 1 March, and is the official full-length debut of new frontman Alberto Bravin, who..

Lorne Murphy’s top 30 Albums of 2023

Well, 2023 was quite a year for new releases. I can't recall a year in recent memory where I was as impressed (and nearly overwhelmed) by so many terrific new albums, and I felt compelled to go with a hefty thirty top picks for year's end. I could have gone on further, but nobody wants..

Geddy Lee – My Effin’ Life (HarperCollins)

I wasn't entirely happy - and never would be with any record we'd make… is one of the many surprising quotes from Geddy Lee in his new autobiography My Effin' Life, one of the more riveting page-turners in recent memory when it comes to musician bios. For the obsessive Rush fan (is there any other..

Ozric Tentacles – Lotus Unfolding (Kscope)

I took the cup of White Rhino Tea from its saucer and peered inside. A tiny storm raged within, with little claps of thunder and lightning, and miniature ships tossed around in maelstroms on a sloshing tea-coloured sea. I raised the rim of the cup to my lips, and as I drank I was suddenly..