Author: Lorne Murphy

Charming, handsome, brilliant and humble Canadian. Wine lover and Monty Python fanatic. Prog, jazz, rock and metal listener for most of his fifty one years. Only vaguely aware of anything else going on.

Headstone – Bad Habits/Headstone (Esoteric)

Dynamite 70s rock still highly listenable in 2023... My abiding question through numerous listens to the two newly-reissued albums from Headstone is: Why is this band so unknown? When mentioning them to my fellow music-worshipping peers, I've been met with quizzical responses and even occasional hints of disdain; as though to say 'They can't be..

Marillion – Seasons End Deluxe edition (Parlophone)

The album that saw Marillion reborn, revitalized, and ultimately saved... What was once a brand new chapter in the chronicles of Marillion is now the tattered and yellowed pages of legend. It's been nearly 35 years since the final lineup change in the band's long history took place (and it was a big 'un). The..

Mystery – Redemption (Unicorn Digital)

one song's mid-70s Genesis vibes may stir memories of smoky stages, rows of landing lights, and follicly-challenged singers... The striking artwork gracing the cover of Redemption, the eighth and latest studio album from Québec progressive rock sextet Mystery, seems to mirror the feeling of hope that in 2023 we are finally climbing out of a..

Lars Fredrik Frøislie – Fire Fortellinger (Karisma)

Ragnarök 'n' roll Like the Crimson King bursting forth from his dusty court fifty-odd years later, Wobbler main man Lars Fredrik Frøislie kicks off the epic opening track of his debut solo album Fire Fortellinger with a typically grandiose theme, commencing a journey that only loosens its grip when the last notes have drifted away..

Jethro Tull – RökFlöte (InsideOut)

A dozen tunes shaped around Norse paganism,with some charming throwback moments... You have to admire the tenacity of older artists who still produce music in this day and age. Like many of his contemporaries, Ian Anderson opens himself up to sniping from all corners with each new release. No criteria is off-limits to the online..

Lorne Murphy’s Top 10 Albums of 2022

2022 was another good year with plenty of strong releases to choose from. Nonetheless, it was fairly easy to whittle down my list to a top 10, because these - in my opinion - are the best of the best. And so, in no particular order... Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Orlando: Le Forme dell'Amore..